**Main Health Concerns**

Cough, for many months. Usually dry cough but sometimes white with a little yellow.

Lung Bleeding with blood in phlegm (this is in the morning) = chronic inflammation, pleuritis; Itis = inflammation

• History of Pneumonia

Acid Reflux

Hair loss

Arthritisrheumatism, pain in the joints especially after exercise and physical activities. Ama Vata = Vata is circulating ama into the joints.

• Sensitive skin – especially when taking anti-biotics – gets hives etc.

• Dry skin

• Gas, burping etc.

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V1 P3 K2

Current State/ Vikruti: P3.5 K2.5

Birth Date: Nov 4th, 1983 Vata season

Time: 9am, Kapha time of day

Place: Mountain View, US Vata place

Height: 5’ 1” Weight: 100lb

Sleep: Sleeps in late in the morning at this time because he is not going to school due to sickness. It is also hard to get out of bed but is easy to fall asleep (K).

Blood Type: 0+ (Pitta/Kapha)

Energy: Low (K)

Mind: Focused (P), wanders during meditation (natural)

Tongue: White coating shows Ama, pain in the joints from excess heavy foods. Red dots amdist the white shows too much fire. At the tip of the tongue there is red dots (not pink – everyone has pink dots on the tongue). Teeth marks on tongue show a bit of malabsorption (matches fingernails), food is not digesting probably and thus Ama is forming and blocking the channels.



Bad breath: Visram – pitta quality of smelling bad, fetid, heat in the stomach?

Primary Emotions: Depression and sad for no reason (k). NB. Grief is one of the key the emotions related to the lungs are related in Ayurveda and TCM. He has a compassionate personality and lungs are affected. Secondary emotions: Frustrated (pitta, hot emotion)

Bone structure: Solid, warm body - Pitta/ Kapha

Memory: Learn fast and remember (p)

Bowel movement: 1-2, usually 1 (k/p)

Sinking stool: Kapha, ama stool

When loose stool: Pitta, for last 4 days

Fingernails: Bumps and longitindal striations lines show vata malabsorption had a fever (indentation on nail shows this)

Pulse: Both Kapha and Pitta in lungs, Kidney pulse is a little weak, all the other organs are OK

Hair loss: Shows that Pitta is out of balance,


Don’t sleep in – anyone who sleeps during Kapha time of the day with increase heaviness, sluggishness and mucous. Wake up before 6am. Exercise a little when gets up to remove inertia.

Follow Kapha balancing diet (not pitta provoking though) to remove the cause of ama genic foods. Download handout on Kapha.

Note on Kapha/Pitta food cycle that aggravates acid belly

Look at Kapha foods: Oily, cold, heavy, slow, slippery, muddy, stable/ stuck that increase mucous in stomach which increases false craving for hot, spicy, salty foods (which he loves!) that then increases pitta. The body creates more mucous (sweet & salty) to balance out the hot foods which then becomes a vicious cycle of sweet, salt, spicy balancing and craving (ama craving, not intelligent craving).

Avoid sweets eg. Khir

Avoid/ decrease salt (least beneficial taste for him)

Avoid dairy, become vegan at least a while but don’t substitute with rice milk or soy milk (decreases Agni)

Avoid soy cheese and soy milk (very heavy food which increases ama and aggravated vata)

Do not over eat, food needs to be digested so it doesn’t become ama.

Dilute fruit juice with water (avoid sour, citric fruits)

Avoid spicy food for at least a week when he has acid belly


Spices: Turmeric, coriander, fennel, cumin, fresh ginger (leave the skin on as this in more cooling), basil, little bit of bay leaves

Eat mung beans for detoxification

Drinks maybe 5 cups of water/day max. This is a good amount for him.

Note: Pathogenesis of cough

When Kapha is increased from sticky, heavy foods (eg. cheese, slippery, slimy foods) mucous blocks lungs and airways (pranavaha srota. Cough is the bodies attempt to and get that mucous out to clear the channels however too much coughing can cause irritation and eventually inflammation.

For Vata symptoms: Mahanarayan oil on the painful joints (in his case it is everywhere). Then have a warm bath. Warm water will push and repel the herbs and oils deeper into the body, dispelling ama and stabilising Vata.

Meditation: Cures asthma.

Scrape tongue first thing in the morning (before brushing teeth).

**Custom Herbal Formula** (this is what would be recommended but his mother wants to see the results from the diet only first)

1pts Liquorice - lungs

? pts Arjuna – stops bleeding (hemostatic) and also dries up phlegm, could also use Ashoka

5pts Sitopaladi – lungs

2pts Musta

1pt Mahasudarshan

1 pt Manjishta – hives reaction

4pts Punarnava – lung and kidneys

Take ¼ - ½ tsp two times a day, for 6 weeks with warm water

“Swaskhuta” – pills brought back from India but unavailable in the US.

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