“Patience is a priceless treasure. Most people don’t realise it and all goals can be achieved if you are patient”.

Classic Pitta/Kapha skin problems case

**Main Health Concerns**

• Acne

• Weak Liver

• Insomnia

• Anger

• Sadness

Constitution (Prakriti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is: V1 P3 K2

Current State: P3.5 K2.5

Birth Date: Dec, 29th, 1980 Time: Winter (K), 11am (P) Place: New York City

Height 5’ 6’’ Weight: 150lb

As a child of 10yrs: Normal – chubby Bone Structure: Pitta/Kapha

Pulse: Pitta/Kapha, weak liver due to overdone spicy foods and water borne disease

Blood type: O+ (P/K) Energy level overall: High energy

Sleep: Problems sleeping, busy mind – planning the future (pitta insomnia)

Occupation: A lot of deadlines in job

Temperature: Cold yet sweats easily

Primary emotions: Sadness

Secondary emotions: Angry

Mind: Obessive personality (p) with focus and also some scatterednes (v)

Memory: Good, learn fairly slowly and forget after awhile

Bowel movements: 2 x a day, consistency depends on what she eats – can be loose (p) or banana shape (k), floating, traces on bowl 3 x week

Exercise: Sweats every day, lots of exercise

Agni: Moon on thumb only and this is receded

Tongue: Red forefront of the tongue (p), a lot of red, yellow coating at the back on the tongue denotes kapha and pitta ama in the colon/purisha vaha srotamsi

Menstruation: No pain, normal flow


Pitta/Kapha food list ‘Stay busy but don’t hurry’ Aim is to purge fire from the liver

Eat more bitter foods (avoid Pitta increasing greens like chard, spinach, kale, plus coffee, bitter chocolate, black tea, garlic). Have chicory, endive and dandelion which are obviously bitter. Eat bitter melon – eat 1-2/week. Chop it up, including the skin and seeds and sauté. Burdock tea or burdock vegetable are good.

Stress management technique as meditation or daily walk in nature in silence

Take 1tsp of Amalaki every night especially in summer or Triphala in winter. Triphala helps detoxify heat and greasy qualities from hematopoietic system (liver, circulatory system, spleen, lymphatic system). Needs Triphala to cleanse ama (traces on toilet bowl). Take ½ tsp Triphala in evening if loose stool,

**How to put herbs into capsules**

Using three bowls put herbal powder in one bowl and empty capsules in another, leaving the third empty to put the filled capsules in. Take long end of the capsule, dip into powder, give it a little tap and put the lid on. Put into third bowl. This is the time to chant, pray, say any positive words (even “do re mi”) to remove ourselves from the monkey mind. The size of the capsules depends on the individual how much they can swallow in one go.

Yin Chiao for sore throat; to nip it in the bud, 8 tablets 4 x day in between meals

**Facial cleanse paste for acne**

½ pound Sariva

½ lb Neem

1 lb Besan

½ lb Manjistha

½ lb Rose petals Rosa damascena

Mix 2 parts of besan with one part of everything else.

**Herbal Custom Formula** (yummy tasting for compliance)

4 pts Sariva – blood cleanse

2 pt Brahmi/ Gotu Kola – sadness, depression, nervine, anger especially related to the mind, insomnia 4 pt Liquorice – sweet nervine, yummy blends, insomnia

1 pt Guduchi – not so bitter liver herb, nervine

1 tsp, 3 x day with meals

Enjoy cumin, coriander, fennel in cooking and as a tea

She could also take Blood Cleanse tablets (Banyan Botanicals) for 1 year if she didn't take the above.

Bhringaraj Oil on feet before bed for insomnia

**25 minute Morning routine using incense stick as a timer**

Neem Oil for daily self massage, in small amounts; not too oily: Shower: Aromatherapy with pitta decreasing essential oil such as rose, jasmine, vetiver onto chakras: yoga : pranayama with nasya usingSuper Nasya Oil : seed mantra for high pitta “She dan do bo da la” : 5 minutes body observation without reacting starting with nostril breath also focus on one quality of Pitta over 2 days as contemplative meditation

Shurangama mantra on behalf of the patient.

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