**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Female
 * **[[DOB]]:**  October 1951 (V)
 * **[[POB]]:** Kabul, Afghanistan (V)
 * **Height:**  5'0"
 * **Weight:** 130 lbs (P,K)
 * **10 yrs old:** normal (P)
 * **Energy:** good
 * **Sleep:**  Good (K), unless takes caffeinated drinks 
 * **Emotions:**  Irritable and impatient (P)
 * **Memory:**  bad (V)
 * **[[BP]]:** normal
 * **[[Cholesterol]]:**  normal
 * **[[Bowel Movement]]:** currently constipated, once every other day (V).  Usually has 1-2 BM a day, loose stool (P).
 * **[[Agni]]:** appetite good and eats at regular hours.  Acid belly and [[acid reflux]] when she eats spicy and sour foods (P), gas, bloating farting (V).  
 * **Ama (tongue exam):** teeth marks (malabsorption, food not properly digested), otherwise tongue is OK.
 * **Mucus:** white mucus (K)
 * **Pain:**  Pain in the nerves when under stress that goes all the way to the neck and results in cold hands.
 * **Menstruation:** 14 yrs (K), regular and not painful (K).
 * **Health Concern:** [[Hemorrhoids]], [[asthma]] (chest pain while breathing, hard to breathe).  Severe cold temperatures can cause her [[pneumonia]].  
 * **Others:** menopause related hot flashes (P) yet cold hands and feet (V).  Skin rashes and irritation (P).  Takes inhaler for asthma only when needs it, otherwise not on any other medication.\\ \\  


 * Malabsorption is caused by:
     * Eating heavy oily food which are hard to digest, such as yogurt, cheese and milk.
     * Drinking too much cold beverages and water.
     * Eating at wrong hours.
     * Eating while doing something else, like watching TV.
 * The patient should follow a P-K diet.\\ \\


 * 5 pts [[Yasthimadhu]] ([[Glycyrrhiza glabra]]), known as [[Licorice]], V-P-K=, used instead of [[Punarnava]] for the asthma and the lungs, to make the formula more harmonizing.  It is a good expectorant.
 * 5 pts [[Sitopaladi]] for Pittas with lung ailments
 * 2 pts [[Shatavari]] ([[Asparagus racemosus]]), V-P-K=, main herb for Pitta constitution, for the acid reflux and menopause related hot flashes.
 * 2 pts [[Manjistha]] ([[Rubia cordifolia]]), V=P-K-, blood purifier, for the skin rashes, itchiness, and Pitta style hemorrhoids.
 * 4 pts [[Bhringaraj]] ([[Eclipta alba]]), V-P=K-, to help the mind, memory and skin problems
 * 2 pts [[Skullcap]] ([[Scutellaria lateriflora]]), is calming and helps with skin problems
 * 5 pts [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]), V+P-K-, good for the digestion, pain in the joints and lungs.
 * 2 pts [[Mahasudarshan]] for Pittas with lung problems
 * 1 pt [[Bhuinimba]], Chinese name [[Chuan Xin Lian]], ([[Andrographis paniculata]], to help the lungs
 * 1 pt [[Shanka bhasma]] (purified cinch shell), good for the acid reflux and hemorrhoids. 
 * 1 pt [[Haritaki]] ([[Terminalia chebula]]), V-P-K-, for the lungs
 * 2 pts [[Frankincense]] ([[Boswellia serrata]]), for the joints, lungs, cough.\\ \\
//Take 1 tsp in a cup of hot water with 1 tsp honey (honey is good for the lungs because it is lekhana) 3 times a day, 15-30 minutes after meals to allow it to stay in the lung region for the longest time possible.//

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