**Health Consultation**



Prakruti = Pitta 3, kapha 2, vata 1

 * Born September 16, 1973 in Washington at 10:00 am (pitta time)
 * 5 feet, 7 inches; weight 150 lbs
 * Hair Dresser
 * Two bowel movements a day, shaped like banana
 * Regular menstruation, normal cycle, started 12 years old, no kids
 * Pitta-kapha bone structure
 * Slow [[kapha]] [[pulse]]

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * Wants to prepare for [[panchakarma]] in India to detox from chemicals at work and overdose on Chinese herbs
 * [[Asthma]], which has been good lately
 * Using [[pitta]] dusting powder as facial wash for skin problems; helping very much
 * Energy is really good, doing yoga in the morning
 * Some anxiety about leaving, sleep off in past week, [[vata]] pulse in the heart
 * Tongue bright red at tip (pitta) with froth on sides (lung problems) and crack in top half tongue (upper back problems)
 * Moon on nail of ring finger (digestion a bit off)
 * Currently taking herbal formula given at last consultation


 * Take raw honey with herbal formula to help with [[asthma]], it dries mucus
 * Wear a painter’s mask and then put scarf over mouth when in India
 * Do [[alternate nostril breathing]] with [[super nasya oil]] before and during trip to India to help with [[asthma]] and back problems. Do partial treatment during the day between meals, which is putting one drop on the pinkie and then lubricate nostril. Do full treatment before bed, which is as follows: lie on bed, put five drops in each nostril, and then do alternate nostril breathing for five minutes.  
 * Continue to take [[amalaki]] for pitta tongue, sleep around 10:00 pm to rejuvenate liver
 * Do cobra, bow and other backbend yoga poses daily to open lungs
 * Increase intake of herbal formula to heaping teaspoon three times a day
 * Stay on pitta-kapha diet
 * Buy natural insect repellent for India
 * Clip nails often in India and clean hands often to prevent germs, bacteria, and parasites
 * Bring water filter and own cup to India, drink only boiled water
 * Bring fiberglass screen and duck tape and to India to put screen in toilet and shower so bugs don’t bite you, bring mosquito net
 * After [[panchakarma]] need to take rejuvenative herbs for a month and do [[basti]] weekly for two weeks

To prepare to do panchakarma in India, do the following for two weeks before leaving:

 * Stop eating dairy and meat
 * Take one [[teaspoon]] of [[Bhumyamalaki]] with hot water before bed, except last two nights. Those nights, take one teaspoon of castoral oil.
 * Take one teaspoon of [[amalaki]] with warm water in the morning
 * Drink two cups of warm water when first get up and then don’t take anything for thirty minutes to flush the kidneys

Eat ghee daily starting at five days before leaving as follows. Eat in the morning, preferably for breakfast. Add pinch of black pepper and dried ginger to ghee to make it easier to eat.

 * 1st day – 1 tablespoon of ghee
 * 2nd day – 1 – 2 tablespoons of ghee
 * 3rd day – 2 – 3 tablespoons of ghee
 * 4th day – 3 – 4 tablespoons of ghee
 * 5th day – 4 – 5 tablespoons of ghee

Stop taking current herbal formula two weeks before leaving and then take the following herbal formula. Take 1 heaping teaspoon three times a day after meals with raw uncooked honey for two weeks:

 * 5 parts [[Vidanga]] (helps digestion, helps repel germs)
 * 4 parts [[Bhringaraj]] (detox liver, help anxiety)
 * 3 parts [[Mahasudarshan]] (malaria pre-treatment, repels mosquitos)

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