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**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Male
 * **DOB:**  March (P,K)
 * **POB:**  Unknown
 * **Height:**  6' 1"
 * **Weight:**  210 lbs (P,K)
 * **Sleep:**  Good (K)
 * **Emotions:** Irritability/Anger (P)
 * **Memory:**  Learn Fast, Remember (P)
 * **Bowel Movement:**  3 (P) well shaped (K).  Floating (no ama)
 * **Agni:**  Acid belly (P).  Bloating (V) (may be related to drinking Soy Milk).  
 * **Ama (tongue exam):**  OK, normal pink, no coating.  Healthy tongue showing good digestive health.  Very little white coating.  Check photograph of tongue from [[]]
 * **Pulse:**  Liver pulse: weakest, irregular, Liver line also evident on face.  Heart pulse: shows P + K, very irregular. Kidney pulse: a bit weak.
 * **Cholesterol:**  Diagonal crease on the earlobe
 * **Headaches:**  Behind/around eyeballs (especially after eating dairy)(P)
 * **Others:**  Workaholic (P), feels hot in the body (P), Mucus (K)\\ \\


 * Pulse shows weakness in Liver and irregularity which is normal because the patient is workaholic.  The patient should refrain from taking alcohol and drugs.  Should sleep between 12-2 am which is the Liver Rejuvenating Time.  The Liver line is also evident on the face.
 * The pulse of the Heart is also weak and very irregular.  It shows P + K, and especially with the diagonal crease on earlobe it may show signs of heart disease.
 * The Kidney pulse is weak, and the patient says that he wakes up at night to urinate.  Usually waking up more than once is unhealthy and may be indicative of prostate problems.  
 * **Diet:**  The patient must follow a P-K diet.  This should be adjusted according to seasons.  For example, follow a [[Pitta]] soothing diet in summer and [[Kapha]] soothing diet in winter.  Drink Rice Dream instead of Soy Milk (which is very hard to digest)
 * **Exercise:**  Must exercise 7 times per week for 30 minutes.  This is to reduce Kapha and help the heart.\\ \\


 * 5 pts [[Punarnava]] ([[Boerhaavia diffusa]]), V-P-K-, best herb for K, [[rasayana]].  Also good for the liver.
 * 4 pts [[Arjuna]] ([[Terminalia arjuna]]), V+P-K-, for the heart (stress and K in the heart)
 * 3 pts [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]) – instead of [[Chitrak]] (heating), V+P-K-, good for digestion, bladder, kidneys (lower back pain), lungs.
 * 3 pts [[Shankhapushpi]] ([[Convolvulus alsinoides]]), V-P-K-, for anger and liver (the patient does not need a high dosage of nervine herbs).
 * 3 pts Avipattikar, V-P-K-, digestion herb for bloating and gas.
 * 1 pts Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), V-P-K-, best herb for kidneys.\\ \\

//Take 1 tsp of the above formula 3 times/day in a cup of hot water. To be taken before a meal (to allow to stay in the lung region and cure lung related issues and reduce mucus).//


 * **Tulsi Tea** (Holy Basil Tea – [[Occinum Sanctum]]):  to reduce cholesterol especially in the heart, and is very good for stress and removes phlegm and mucus.
 * **Super Nasya Oil:**  may be used to clear up lungs and dispel mucus.  Put a single drop on pinkie finger for each nostril and stick into the nostril and inhale.

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