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**Health Consultation**

To listen to an audio recording of this health consultation, go to:

Patient’s Prakruti

Prakruti = V1P3K2

 * [[date of birth]]: February 18, 1982 in Illinois ([[kapha]])
 * [[time of birth]]: 12:30 pm [[pitta]]
 * [[height]]: 5 feet 7 inches and [[weight]]: 140 pounds 
 * [[body at 10 years old]]: medium (pitta)
 * [[energy]]: usually steady (kapha)
 * [[sleep]]: like a rock (kapha), go to bed at 11:00 pm
 * [[wake up]]: slowly (kapha), get up at 7:30 am
 * [[primary emotion when out of balance]]: depression (kapha)
 * [[secondary emotion when out of balance]]: angry (pitta)
 * [[memory]]: learn fast, remember well (pitta)
 * [[bowel movement]]: [[constipation]] (vata) or [[loose stool]]
 * [[stool]] quality: sinks, banana shaped, no traces in toilet
 * eating times: regular times
 * [[agni]]: always hungry [[tikshna agni]]
 * [[Tongue]]: pointed, red dots (pitta)
 * [[bone structure]]: [[pitta-vata]]
 * [[pulse]]: [[pitta-kapha]] 

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * [[depression]] (kapha disturbance) 
 * [[acne]] (pitta disturbance)
 * [[irritable bowel syndrome]] (pitta disturbance)
 * poor energy (vata disturbance)
 * [[constipation]] (vata disturbance) or [[loose stool]] (pitta disturbance)
 * impatient (pitta imbalance)
 * [[sighing]] (grief, sadness in the lungs)
 * subtle [[dimple on chin]] (sadness)
 * [[painful menstruation]] (vata disturbance), 
 * [[heavy menstruation]] and emotional (pitta disturbance)
 * weak [[liver pulse]] (fatigue)

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = P3.5, K3.5


Take one teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula with kutaja herbal wine or pomegranate juice 30 minutes before meals three times a day for six weeks:

 * 5 parts [[shatavari]] (sooths pitta in the gut, helps IBS)
 * 3 parts [[licorice]] (sooths pitta, helps depression, helps IBS)
 * 3 parts [[brahmi]] (helps depression)
 * 3 parts [[shankhapushpi]] (helps depression, liver, anger)
 * 3 parts [[musta]] (sooths pitta digestive problems)
 * 2 parts [[manjista]] (improves skin, sooths pitta and kapha)
 * 1 part [[neem]] (improves skin, sooths pitta and kapha)

Take 3 – 5 drops of nasya oil / super nasya oil in each nostril twice a day (morning and night) until bottle is empty. Massage with pinkie finger, and then do five minutes of alternate nostril breathing (helps with back and neck tension, open lungs, reduces depression). Take one drop during the day to balance emotions.

 * [[Meditation]] (very important to reduce pitta disturbances)
 * [[Squat on toilet]] (helps constipation)
 * Apply [[vetivert]], [[sandalwood]], [[lavender]], or [[jasmine]] on crown, third eye, and throat [[chakras]] and on sternum, belly button, tailbone, and genitals after shower (sooths emotions)
 * Do yoga with other people (reduce depression) and do yoga poses for pitta
 * avoid competitive sports and working out in the heat
 * do morning routine of: nasya oil, shower, [[aromatherapy]], yoga, [[pranayama]], and then chanting 
 * Rub [[castor oil]] clockwise on belly when constipated and counterclockwise when loose stool 
 * Take 1 – 1 ½ [[teaspoon]] of [[triphala]] when constipated, ½ - ¼ teaspoon when loose stool, and only a pinch when diahrara. Take in morning for fast bowel movement
 * Follow pitta diet; food combining rules; avoid [[coffee]] and [[tea]]; eat regular times
 * If drink alcohol, only white wine
 * Don’t wear red or eat red food (reduce pitta)

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