**Health Consultation**

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Patient’s Prakruti

prakruti = V1P3K2

 * Born April 26, 1951 at 6:00 am in Austria
 * 5 feet, 8 inches, 150 pounds, thin as child
 * O + blood type
 * Irritability and then anxiety when out of balance
 * [[Pitta]] memory
 * Two to three bowel movements a day, loose stool
 * Vegetarian, eats regular hours, irritable if meal late
 * Menstruation started at 14 years old, regular, no pain, two kids, menopause now
 * Pitta-kapha bone structure

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * Wants to prepare for [[panchakarma]]
 * Very poor vision, especially left eye
 * Headaches above eyes daily for past couple of months (liver, pitta)
 * Liver enlarged, had jaundice when 18 years old
 * Poor energy, feels worse in the heat
 * Sleeps 8 hours a night, falls to sleep easily
 * Cold feet, cold hands even when hot out
 * Belches often
 * Weak kidney and liver [[pulse]], some vata disturbance pulse 
 * Gets up 3 – 5 times a night to urinate, kidney lines and puffy under the eyes
 * Red tongue
 * Dull, vague joint pain in ankles and wrists at night at vata time and better after massage
 * Hypoglycemia
 * Little eye tremors with dry eyes

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = slightly disturbed vata, pitta disturbed in liver and eyes


purvakarma - do the following to prepare for panchakarma in five days:

 * Take one [[tablespoon]] of [[aloe vera]] gel with meals three times a day
 * Take one teaspoon of [[triphala]] with [[amalaki]] 30 minutes before bed 
 * Eat only pita-soothing [[kitchari]] that includes fresh [[ginger]], chutney, lime, mineral salt, [[fennel]], [[cilantro]] leaf, [[turmeric]], [[coriander]], [[ghee]], white basmati rice, mung dal
 * Eat ghee daily until [[panchakarma]]. Eat only ghee for breakfast increasing two tablespoons a day for five days. If can’t, add the ghee to [[kitchari]]. 
 * Do [[guduchi]] [[Punarnava]] [[basti]] / [[herbal enema]] third day
 * Stop taking supplements and homeopathic remedies during purvakarma and panchakarma.  

Take ½ - 1 teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula with 1 cup of hot water before meals.

 * 5 parts [[guduchi]] (sooths pita)
 * 3 parts [[shankhpushpi]] (helps eyes and liver, sooths pitta)
 * 3 parts [[chitrak]] (improves metabolism, cold hands and feet)
 * 3 parts [[gokshura]] (helps kidneys, liver)
 * 3 parts [[kutki]] (helps liver, cleansing)

Panchakarma will include triphala ghee netra basti on eyes to remove excess pitta in eyes (wheat donut filled with triphala ghee as eye wash, one eye a day), chant mantra for healing eye problems while making herbal ghee

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