File name: CLN301_V1P3K2_Smoker-Kidney-Liver_Followup-6weeks-early_04142007

Main Health Concern:

Follow-up Poor diet (now vegetarian) Had a cold Trying to stop smoking (enrolled in a program at Kaiser) Tired Hand tremors Stronger body odor Hemorrhoids (not bleeding)

Constitution (Prakruti / Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is: V1P3K2 : Pitta-Kapha

Height: 5”8’ Weight: 181 lbs (lost 6-7lbs)

Profession: Salesperson

Energy Level Overall: Poor (Vata)… overall tired

Sleep: Poor 41/2 - 5hrs but wake up energetic

Primary Emotions: Irritable (Pitta)

Secondary Emotions: Lousy, drowsy (Kapha)

Memory: Good

BP: normal Cholesterol: normal … butDiagonal groove on lobe (K in heart)

Bowel Movement: 2-3 (Pitta)… previously 1

Agni Digestion / Appetite: Tikshna: Appetite is strong but acid belly (Pitta)

Mucous in Morning? Yes (profuse) Color of Mucous? Yellow (Pitta)

Pulse: Pitta-Kapha constitution. Weak spleen pulse.

Pain: Lower back heat… not really painful but hot. Also knuckle pain from playing guitar.

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

5 Guduchi (best liver herb for VPK, especially for pitta… helps appetite and decreases craving for sweets & pain ) , 4 Ashwagandha (for tiredness and tremor in hand) , 3 Shankapushpi (irritability, mental focus, best liver herbs that also helps the mind, feeling blah..soothes VPK, especially pitta), 2 Musta (for digestion, doesn’t disturb V and soothes P&K), 2 Bhringaraj (good liver and mind herb, helps with irritability, mental focus, feeling blah & apathetic, soothes VK but doesn’t disturb P), 2 Mahasurdarsan (for lung, liver and spleen), 4 Licorice (expectorate, for lungs), 4 Arjuna (astringent… dries mucous and helps heart), 3 Gokshura Guggulu (strengthens kidney and helps prostate), 1 Purnanava guggulu (helps with weight metabolism, kapha in the heart and joints)


Directions: 1 teaspoon 3X times per day taken with 1 teaspoon of raw honey and 4-8oz of hot water


Been taking 1) since last visit… no change to formula

Other Recommendations: • Use flushable wipes for hemorrhoids • Can skip breakfast

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