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**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Male
 * **DOB:**  17/April/1972 (P-K)
 * **TOB:**  After midnight (P)
 * **POB:**  Chennai, Madras (P)
 * **Height:**  5' 11"
 * **Weight:**  161 lbs (P-K)
 * **As 10 yr old:**  Skinny (V)
 * **Blood Type:**  B (K)
 * **Energy Level:**  Steadily low (V-K)
 * **Sleep:**  Takes long to sleep (V).  Good sleep (K)
 * **Emotions:** (1) Irritable (P),  (2) Anxious (V)
 * **Memory:**  Learn Fast, Forget Fast (V)
 * **BP:**  Normal-balanced
 * **Cholesterol:**  Borderline high (K)
 * **Bowel Movement:**  Borderline constipation (takes herbs to make it regular) (V).  
 * **Agni:**  [[Tikshna]] – stress related (P).  used to have ulcers (P) 
 * **Mucus:**  White mucus at times (K)
 * **Nails:**  No moons on index and middle finger (digestion is little off).  White spots on nails (Ca/Zn deficient)
 * **Ama (tongue exam):**  OK, normal pink, no coating.  Very pronounced teeth marks ([[malabsorption]]).  Check photograph of tongue from [[]]
 * **Pulse:**  Shows very high Pitta/Kapha pulse.  Weak Liver pulse (V in pulse).  Weak Spleen pulse.  Weak Heart pulse (V in pulse).
 * **Urination at night:**  No 
 * **Others:**  Bone structure (P-K).  Shape of face (K).  Warm temperature of the body (P).  Had jaundice 3 times (P).  Works in computers (P).\\ \\


 * [[Pulse]] is very fast and fiery (patient had been driving for a long distance and therefore pulse is not reliable).  Pulse is [[proximal]] [[Kapha]] yet powerful and fast [[Pitta]], thus pulse is P-K.  Pulse shows weakness in the Liver and [[Vata]] dosha in it (the patient had jaundice 3 times previously, and this may be the cause for the steadily low energy, i.e. fatigue or C.F.S).  Pulse is also weak in the Heart and the Spleen.

 * The patient used to travel a lot in his job (for 5 years).  This aggravates Vata and causes sperm motility.  It first affects the [[Majja Dhatu]], and then the [[Shukra Dhatu]].
 * **Sleep:**  The patient sleeps on the stomach (indication of depression).  Also has a downward dimple on face (undigested grief).  Sleeping on the belly is [[tridoshic]] disturbing.  Sleeping in the back disturbs V.  Sleeping on the right soothes Pitta, and sleeping on the left soothes Vata. 

//__Reason:__  Left brain (masculine) – hot, Right brain (feminine) – cold.  This crosses over at the [[third eye]] region, thus the left side of the body is feminine and cooling, while the right side is masculine and heating.

When you sleep on your left, the mucus in your nose drains to the left nostril blocking it, and most of the breathing happens through the right nostril. This oxygenates and nourishes the left brain, increasing heat in the body and causing solar activation. The patient is advised to sleep on his left side, with his left hand below his head or the pillow, and the right arm over his right thigh. This increases heat in the body, reduces sperm motility, improves digestion, and soothes Vata.//

 * **Diet:**  The patient must follow a Vata soothing diet, and that is because of his sperm motility problem and because he no longer has any P problems.  Would recommend a V-P diet if he still gets heartburn and acid belly, but this is not the case anymore.  Vata soothing diet is recommended because of Vata aggravation related to frequent travel, constipation, very strong V pulse in the Liver,and lack of fertility.  Also, Vata problems are related to the Kidneys, Colon, Reproductive organs, and Pelvic region.
 * **Sex:**  Also too much ejaculation dries up the Liver and this manifests as anger or a Liver disorder.\\ \\


 * 5 pts [[Bala]] ([[Sida cordifolia]]), V-P-K=, for V disturbances and V reproductive problems
 * 4 pts [[Kapikacchu]] ([[Atma Gupta]] – [[Mucuna pruriens]]), V reproductive (male) problems.
 * 4 pts [[Vidari]] ([[Ipomoea digitata]]), V-P-K=, for V infertility (male)
 * 3 pts [[Shankhapushpi]] ([[Evolvulus alsinoides]]), V-P-K-, for V in the Liver, rejuvenates the Liver
 * 2 pts [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]), V+P-K-, digestive herb for P and then K, also good for cholesterol.
 * 1 pt [[Chitrak]] ([[Plumbago zeylanica]]), V-P+K-, to aid digestion, and to treat the Liver/Spleen.\\ \\
 * Take 1 tsp of the above formula + 1 tsp ghee + 1 tsp honey in a cup of hot water  or warm milk 3 times/day.  Herbs may be taken in milk because the patient is [[nirama]], i.e. without [[ama]].  To be taken before meals (to target colon/reproductive organ).
 * Or may take 1 tsp [[Ashwagandha]] jam + 1 tsp ghee + 1 tsp herbs.
 * Cannot give the patient very bitter herbs for the Liver (such as [[Kutki]] or [[Neem]] – Kutki is very fast and effective in treating the Liver) because they will make him constipated and weaken his digestion and further aggravate Vata because bitter is ether+air.
 * The patient is instead given balanced liver herbs (**Chitrak** and **Shankhapushpi**) that warm up his digestion.\\ \\


5 day [[Panchakarma]] before conception is recommended to remove excess [[dosha]].

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