**Main Health Concerns**



Nasal drip



**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V1 P3 K2

**Current State/ Vikruti:** V1.5 K2.5

**DOB:** 19th June, 1980 **Birth time:** ? **Birth Place:** Berkley, (Pitta place & time)

**Height:** 5’10” **Weight:** 200 lb

**Ten year old:** Chubby

**Blood Type**: AB

**Energy level:** Always relaxed and sedentary even though she exercises

**Sleep:** Hypersomnia - wakes between 5& 6am but goes back to sleep and feels horrible throughout the day. Goes to bed between 10pm and 1am which is irregular sleeping habits (also increases Vata)

**Primary Emotions:** Depression, but feels generally stable

**Memory:** Learns slow and remembers

**Fingernails/moons:** Moon on thumb, index and middle finger

**Regular eating:** Irregular eating hours (increases Vata). Always skips breakfast.

**Routine:** Shift worker, irregular lifestyle but this is good for Kapha to a degree.

**Bowel movements:** 2-3 bms, well shaped. Floats a little and sinks.

**Pulse:** Relaxed pulse like a swan shows Kapha. Bone structure shows Pitta with Kapha

**Tongue:** Looks fairly healthy but there is a line down the centre which shows the beginnings of back problems. Pointy tongue shows pitta. Not much coating on tongue. **Temperature:** Always feels cold especially hands and feets. Clamminess.

**Menstruation:** Very regular. Menarche started around 11-12yrs. Leucorrhoea


For Tinnitis – warm oil in the ear before bed so the ear is full, massage ear for a minute or two and then let it pour out

Nasya or Neti also helps sinuses – which are interconnected with ears (i.e. ears, nose and throat)

Get up no later than 6am – sleep less. 6 hours is good.

Stay physically busy.

To avoid digestive harm she needs to get some regularity, preferably in her eating habits and waking habits. Too much irregularity all round will ultimately disturb Vata.

Meditation – she will learn to sleep less with meditation.

Avoid white foods i.e. milk, cheese, white flour, ice cream Goats cheese and milk is OK due to its astringency. It is even better to have it baked.

Avoid red meat. The best meat is chicken.

Avoid wearing too much black and brown over the long term, it reduces digestive abilities. Wear bright, sharp colours for digestion.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

5pts Punarnava //Boerhaavia diffusa// – reduces Kapha, wetness

3pts Chitrak //Plumbago zeylanica// - to improve digestion and agni

4pts Brahmi – //Centella asiatica// - for the mind

Take 1tsp 3 x day with raw, uncooked honey in 4-8 oz (1/2 to 1 cup of water) of hot water.

Take 1 tsp Triphala at bedtime on empty stomach for metabolism. Use ½ tsp if loose stool occurs.

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