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Main Health Concern


•cold hands and cold feet


[[Constitution]] ([[Prakruti]] / Genetic-[[Karmic Makeup]]) is:V1P3K2 

Current State (Vikruti): V1.5P3.5

Birth Date-Time-Place: May 11, 1972 7:00am Singapore (Pitta place and time in Kapha)

Age: 35

Profession: Investment banker

Energy Level Overall: feels very drained even after a short hike (Vata)

Sleep: feels unrested without 9 hours daily. When Vata is disturbed – should maintain 9hrs. When Pitta is off balance – 6 to 8hrs sleep.

Primary Emotions: fatigued (Vata)

Nails: Moons all visible - great metabolism indicated

Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam: Tongue looks good – no coating.

Pulse: bone structure is: Pitta Kapha. Does not drink coffee, sometimes tea, no pharmaceuticals. Pitta primary – liver pulse somewhat weak – irritable, skin problem, fatigue all attributed.

Pain: none

Onset of Menstruation: early age (Pitta)

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

5 Ashwagandha (for anxiety…soothes Vata and Kapha but doesn’t disturb Pitta) strengthens nervous system

4 Guduchi (helps liver, fatigue skin and low blood pressure),

5 Bala (for overall strength… soothes Vata and Pitta but doesn’t disturb Kapha),

3 maha sudarshan (for skin, liver, blood purifier), great for immune system

2 musta – digestion and skin

2 Manjistha – blood purifier, liver and skin

2 neem – skin and liver

3 avipatikar (gas)

4 Brahmi (for Vata memory and Pitta irritability) liver

Directions: 1 teaspoon 3x times per day for 6 weeks taken with aloe vera gel in 8oz of hot water (with raw honey for taste if needed) 40minutes before meals to help with colon

Herbal Tablets/ Herbal Wines/ Herbal Jams Prescribed:

Para Cleanse Tablets – for abdominal distention, gas, etc.= take on weekends with Triphala tablets Triphala Tablets – for further cleansing to be used with Para Cleanse on the weekend

Hingvastak powder –for gas and for cleanse = carry around and sprinkle on food or use it to

cook with (especially gassy vegetable)

Herbal Oils (Massage, Nasya):

Banyan Botanical’s Nasya-for daily routine prior to alternate nostril breathing. Contains oil, herbs and aroma therapy.

Other Recommendations:

•Drink 6 to 8 cups daily of water. 2 in the a.m.

•aroma therapy (rose, vetivert, sandalwood, jasmine, etc. - follow what dosha out of balance) exercise, breath work, chanting and meditation will provide ultimate energy

After bath – apply essential oil single drop on crown, third eye, on fold on lip, on soft spot of throat, on sternum – breast bone, belly button and tail bone, bottom on bones on spine. 7 chakra points.

•5 minutes daily of light yoga exercises – gear toward Pitta soothing, less sun salutation – fiery.

•lying on back on bed, head dangling along edge. 5 drops in each nostril of Nasya oil before

bed and in a.m. Also can try curled tongue breathing through your teeth. Cooling while breathing in, exhaling is heating. Any irritability will be omitted.

•Chant mantra meditation with little meaning. Stop thinking and end your problems – Lao Tzu. Use - She Dan Doe, Bow Dah Lah. Assist in getting in the zone without having meaning behind it.

•Body dry skin – face in oily

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