**Source Audio File:**

 *     **Patient:**  36 yr old Male (follow-up)
 * 	**Height:**  5' 9"
 * 	**Weight:**  173 lbs (P,K)
 * 	**Energy Level:**  Poor (V)
 * 	**Emotions:** (1) Anxious (V)
 * 	**Memory:**  Learn Fast, Remember (P)
 * 	**Bowel Movement:**  2 not as loose as before (P,K).  
 * 	**Mucus:**  None
 * 	**Agni:**  Gained weight due to bad diet and stress (V pushing K)
 * 	**[[Ama]] (tongue exam):**  Squiggly lines showing beginning of dehydration yet better than before with no ama (V).  Check picture of tongue from [[]]  
 * 	**Pulse:**  Weak liver pulse (V+P) showing dryness.  Weak Kidney pulse showing weak energy.  Tremors.
 * 	**Headaches:**  Mostly emotional.
 * 	**Eyes:**  Tremors.
 * 	**Others:**  Cravings for bitter chocolate.  Main concern is low energy, low libido, little mental focus and feeling hot. \\ \\


Previous Formula:

 * 	4 pts [[Guduchi]] ([[Tinospora Cordifolia]]), V-P-K-, for P disturbance.
 * 	3 pts [[Kaishore Guggulu]] for joints and skin
 * 	4 pts [[Neem]] ([[Azadirachta indica]]), V+P-K-, for the skin
 * 	3 pts [[Gokshura]] ([[Tribulus terrestris]]), V-P-K=, for the Kidney and liver
 * 	2 pts [[Sitopaladi]], for P lungs and yellow mucus
 * 	3 pts [[Sankhapuspi]] ([[Evolvulus alsinoides]]), V-P-K-, for the memory, anger, skin
 * 	2 pts [[Yastimadhu]] ([[Glycyrrhiza glabra]]), V-P-K=, for V dry lungs problems
 * 	3 pts [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]), V+P-K-, for the lungs, skin, P digestion
 * 	[[Manjistha]] ([[Rubia cordifolia]]), V=P-K-, for the blood/liver
 * 	[[Mahasudarshan]] for the lungs \\ \\

     * The patient added [[Kama Dudha]] to previously prescribed formula instead of Abhrak Bhasma because he could not find it. 
     * The patient also had:  [[Amalaki]] ([[Emblica officinalis]]) at bedtime, [[Bilva]] ([[Aegle marmelos]]) in the morning.  Bilva caused him constipation.  Also takes [[Arogyavardhini]] for the liver. 
     * The patient previously had issues with asthma, dry cough and sore throat (which is no longer a problem), and [[Pitta]] digestion in the form of loose stool (less frequent now).
     * The patient feels that the formula is not as energizing and grounding as it used to be.  His body got used to it.\\ \\

Current state:

 * The digestion of the patient improved with 2 B.M. per day and not as loose as before.  
 * His tongue shows signs of dehydration (squiggle lines at the centre) yet it is better than before.  Before the patient's tongue had teeth marks showing malabsorption (the food does not stay in the colon for adequate time causing loose stools and not enough time for the nutrients to be absorbed).
 * Tongue and eyes show tremors, and this is a sign of aggravated [[Vata]].
 * His skin is starting to get worse and dry (because of his bad diet and not enough water intake).
 * His girlfriend has aggravated Vata, and this stresses him out.
 * His headaches are mainly emotional (he was depressed and anxious because of his job.  He quit his job and is feeling better now).\\ \\


 * 5 pts [[Bala]] ([[Sida cordifolia]]), V-P-K=, for V disturbances, for muscular strength and energy.
 * 5 pts [[Kapikacchu]] ([[Atma Gupta]]) ([[Mucuna pruriens]]), V-P-K-, for male energy, V related low libido
 * 2 pts [[Gokshuradi Guggulu]] (contains [[Gokshura]] – [[Tribulus terrestris]], and [[Guggulu]] – [[Commiphora mukul]]), V-P-K-, for the kidney, prostate, male reproductive energy. 
 * 1 pts [[Shilajit]] ([[Asphaltum punjabianum]]), V-P+K-, for male reproductive energy, kidneys, prostate.  It is heating but will be balanced by cooling herbs.
 * 2 pts [[Avipattikar]], V-P-K=, instead of [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]) to help P digestion especially when there is a V disturbance.
 * 2 pts [[Yastimadhu]] ([[Glycyrrhiza glabra]]), V-P-K-, for the reproductive system and energy.
 * 2 pts [[Ashwagandha]] ([[Withania somnifera]]), V-P=K-, main herb for V disturbances, gives strength, benefits male energy, good for [[Chronic Fatigue]]. \\ \\

 * Take 1 tsp of the above formula 3 times/day in a cup of hot water.  
 * Used new herbs in the formula that the body is not accustomed to.
 * This is an overall cooling formula focused on energy, male energy, muscular energy.  It is body focused.  Primarily will help organs, especially the Kidneys.\\ \\


AMALAKI (Emblica officinalis): 1 tsp in a cup of hot water at bedtime and upon awakening for the stool.


Brahmi ghee, 3-5 drops on the pinkie for each nostril. Must sniff in the oil with head dangling upside down from the end of the bed and the body on the bed. Pranayama should then be practiced for 5 minutes. This is to be done at bedtime, upon waking up, and once at midday.


Drink more water to help with the dry skin and dehydration.

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