**Main Health Concerns**

Breast Cancer (malignant), 7cm tumour in left breast, upcoming surgery

• Borderline insomnia

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V1 P3 K2

**Current State/ Vikruti:** V1.5 P3.5 K2.5

**Age:** 68yrs

**Ten year old:** Thin

**Sleep:** Borderline insomnia, gets irritated. Vata causes the insomnia but Pitta makes it irritable.

**Primary Emotions:** Some irritability, some anxiety but mostly even

**Memory:** Good – learns fast and remembers

**Mind:** Intense, extremely focused, writer – these qualities are pitta ones.

**Fingernails/moons:** Moon on thumb but not on index and middle finger shows her digestion is a bit sluggish.

**Favourite food:** Meat loaf, baked potatoes with sour cream, or spaghetti with cream sauce.

**Main food she eats:** Salad with tinned salmon, and popcorn with olive oil, homemade granola for breakfast.

**Daily dairy intake:** 1 cup of milk, a couple slices of cheese per week, has ½ cup of yoghurt day, loves ice cream but does not have it very much.

**Bowel movements:** Up to 3 bms/day, well formed

**Tongue:** Rectangular shows slow metabolism. Teeth marks on edges shows malabsorption – her digestion could be better. A line down the centre shows back problems.

**Temperature:** Cold hands, cold feet

**Blood Pressure** Normal

**Cholesterol** Doctor says it is very good but she has diagonal crease on both ear lobes. There are potential Kapha blockages in the heart.

**Family History:** There is a lot of breast cancer in the family – her mother died of breast cancer. Her sister and cousin have had breast cancer. Breast cancer is a Kapha predominant type of cancer i.e. site of reproduction, lactation and lungs.


With cancer all three doshas are out of balance. In her case the most out of balance dosha is Kapha.

Three dosha balancing motto

//Stay busy (physically active) – for Kapha

Don’t hurry – for Pitta

Don’t worry, trust life – for Vata//


Only eat potato chips once a month.

Consciously look after her back – get a better chair.

Only have yoghurt at lunch time, thinned out like a lassi (non fruit). Yoghurt ‘makes blockages on the body’.

Kapha diet – reduce white foods so as to ‘not feed her cancer’, cut out dairy. Can use Rice Dream instead or warm water on her granola.

Reduce snacking such as popcorn (constant snacking can slow down Agni.)

NB. Cancer patients should always avoid coffee.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

Losang recommends her to go to TCM doctor. He always sends cancer patients to a good TCM doctor because they have more options in the US in terms of herbs and TCM herbs are quite strong, fast acting.

Custom Triphala – ½ tsp at bedtime with a cup of warm water. Get Amalaki tablets to have with Triphala.

Chyavanprash is very good for follow up after radiation. Take 1 tsp between meals as a snack. Take this for 3 months after radiation. Amalaki is the best to deal with side effects of radiation.

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