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File name: CLN301_V1P3K2_VP_Rage_Followup_09092003.wma

Main Health Concern

rage sharp Pitta brief Vata

ungrounding feelings

poor speech

•Wants to cleanse and work on digestion




Constitution (Prakruti / Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is:V1P3K2

Current State (Vikruti): V1.5 pushing Pitta

Birth Date-Time-Place: January 18, 1975 7:11am Portland, Oregon (Kapha place and time in Kapha season)

Height: 5’9” Weight: 124lbs (Pitta-Mesomorph)

Age: 28

Energy Level Overall: does what needs to be done but feels very depleted… energy is

variable (Vata)

Sleep: sleep is generally good… (Kapha) wakes up easily..(Pitta)

Primary Emotions: irritable (Pitta)

Secondary Emotions: sadness (Kapha)

Memory: Learn fast and remembers (Pitta)

Blood pressure: fairly low…(Vata)

Bowel Movement: less than once a day… Constipation (Vata) and loose (Pitta)

Floats (healthy)?Stool sinks, leaves traces (toxins) or Sinks (ama)

Agni (Digestion): Variable metabolic digestion or Vishama Agni often gets busy

and forgets to eat (Vata) sometimes, other times Tikshna Agni

Nails: Moon visible on thumbs, index and middle

Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam: Vata tremors in tongue… ama

Pulse: bone structure is Pitta Kapha. weak liver pulse, Vata in colon - constipation and Vata in heart gives anxiety. Liver energy is weak and spleen is good.

Eyes: tremors visible..Vata

lines under eyes...represent weak kidney, dehydration (Vata)

Onset of Menstruation: 15 (Kapha)

Menstrual Difficulties: irregular menstruation… (Vata)

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

Vata formula primarily for kidneys

5 Brahmi (for mind, soothes and brings clarity)

4 Guduchi (#1 Pitta rejuvenative and helps liver great memory tonics. Low blood sugar, dizziness and vertigo

3 jatamamsi - calms anxiety and nervousness on a subtle level

3 shankapushpi - memory, emotions and mind aid

3 gokshura - for kidney aid until more water in added naturally

4 licorice - increases low blood pressure and assists with blood sugar

Directions: 1/2 teaspoon 3x times per day for 4 weeks taken with 12oz of hot water (with 2 tsp. of aloe vera gel) 40minutes before meals to help with kidney


Standard Triphala: 2 Parts of Haritaki, 5 Parts of Amalaki, 3 Parts of Biblitaki

1 tsp~1 hour before bed (empty stomach) and / or 1 teaspoon upon awakening to make it more laxative (drink hot water first then drink triphala 30 minutes after)


Vata soothing massage oil consisting of ashwagandha with an olive oil base and jasmine essential oil additive.

sandalwood aromatherapy applied to various chakras throughout body after shower

Other Recommendations:

•Based on kidney and pulse diagnosis increase water intake.

•Follow Vata soothing diet while out of balance and when health is restored, follow a Pitta Kapha diet.

•For Vata-types, it is important to eat at regular hours

•5 pillars of good health are sleep, food, exercise, meditation and sex. They should not be under or over expressed

•Build up ojas with yoga and thai chi exercise

•Later down the line can add ashoka and dashamula to regulate menstruation

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