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Main Health Concern


•Low energy

•Difficult to wake in a.m. (Kapha)

•Memory loss (Vata)

•Exam anxiety (Vata)

•Overwhelmed (Vata)

•Lower back pain (Vata)

Constitution (Prakruti / Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is:V2P1K3

Current State (Vikruti): V2

Birth Date-Time-Place: April 9, 1965 4:18pm Ureka, California (pitta place and time in vata DOB time of day/ Ureka/POB: Kapha ocean)

Height: 6’1” Weight: 200bs (Pitta- Kapha)

As a Child of 10 years old: thin (Vata)

Profession: Student

Blood type: B - Kapha

Energy Level Overall: constant feelings of exhaustion. does what needs to be done but feels very depleted… energy is variable (Vata)

Sleep: sleep is generally good… insomnia when things happen at work… hard to get out of bed and easy to go to sleep (Kapha)

Primary Emotions: anxiety/nervous (Vata) irritability/anger sadness/depression

Memory: Learn fast, Forget fast (Vata)

BP: border line hbp (high blood pressure)

Bowel Movement: once a day… sometimes skip (Vata) causes her ama relating toward her fatigue. Somewhat dry skin (Vata) Blotches on face, blood staches (Kapha)

Floats (healthy)?Stool floats, some traces (toxins)

Agni (Digestion): Weak because she is unable to drink water – feels uncomfortable drinking. Feels bloating, gassy at evening (Vata hours)

No appetite in a.m./ skips meal (Kapha)

Nails: Moons visible, longitudinal striations (Vata malabsorption)

Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam: Tongue has dry cracks with lines (Vata) – dehydrated. Red tip from dehydration (Pitta)

Pulse: Bone structure is Kapha. Kapha primary Weak liver pulse – fatigued, secondary Vata

Pain: Dysmenaria – painful menstruation

Lower back pain

Reproductive difficulties: Anemia – had surgery and 10monts after had a second major surgery. Pelvic area has been affected since thyroid cysts (Kapha)

Menstrual Difficulties: heavy periods (Pitta)

regular menstruation… not painful… does not have excessive or scanty flow

Discharges: clear…slight pink

History of yeast infections (Pitta, secondarily Kapha)…Discharge is white (kapha)

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

Vata formula primarily for colon, digestion and absorption and secondarily for liver and kidney

5 Punarnava – eternally renewed. Helps liver and soothes kapha, does not provoke pitta or vata

3 Agastya haritaki – helps with digestion and constipation

2 jyotishmati depression, anxiety and memory Vacha and brahmi – helps with good speech, anxiety (very warming herb)

3 musta – soothes pain and improves digestion

2 Guggulu – painful vata soothing

2 ashwagandha

1 bala

1 Vidari

1 aloha bhasma – anemia

1 twak/cinnamon – aids digestion

1 shunthi/dry ginger – aids digestion

Haritaki – due to fibroids and all reproductive disorders

½ Ibs Ashoka – slightly drying

½ Ibs brahmi

1 tsp daily with 1cup warm water prior to meals add 1tsp raw uncooked honey (best sweetener for Kapha) Triphala

Used for detox and stool (constipation), purchase ½ Ibs

Herbal Oils (Massage, Nasya):

Banyan Botanical’s Nasya nose drops-for daily routine prior to alternate nostril breathing

Apply daily Vata massage oil to the body and follow with shower

Other Recommendations:

•Download Balancing Vata handout, Constipation and Colon Health, Daily routine Handout, Ama Handout, handout on Vata Soothing Diet and Meditation/Stress Management Guidelines

•Follow Vata soothing diet. Although primary Kapha, Vata more out of balance

•Scrape tongue with a metal tongue scraper in the morning to aid in digestion


•Meditation is wonderful for memory improvement. Particularly, sound therapy, stops that will stop us from thinking so much in

order to focus mind. The tao says “stop thinking and end your problems” – stay alive in this precious human body and yet let go of everything.

•Everyday research followed by contemplating Vata information. First day, diagnosis and second day is cure. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

•10 day vipassana retreat – total silence that is guided. Mainly meditation for entire time.

•Studied human development and obtained a college degree over a 7yr period of time.

•Recently laid off and has been emotionally effected so she has taken time off her extended studies in school

•Patient needs to drink more water throughout the day

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