Main Health Concerns

• Hypothyroid/ Mandhya Agni

• Constipated (chronic)

• Gas

• Cold temperature

• Hair loss (v)

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is: V2 P1 K3

Current State: V2.5 K3.5

Birth Date: Jan, 14th, 1979 Time: Winter (K), 7am (K) Place: Chennai

Height 5’ 3’’ Weight: 140lb

[[Blood type]]: O+ (P/K %65 of the time)
Energy level overall: Low steadily

Sleep: Disturbed – goes to very bed late (3-4am) and sleeps late into the morning (10am).

Primary emotions: Depression & Anxiety both

Memory: Learn slowly and remembers

Bowel movements: Once in 2-4 days

Agni: No moons at all denotes mandhya agni

Tongue: Cleft on tip of the tongue shows underactive thyroid

Menstruation: Regular, with Leucorrhoea, painful on second day


Diet for Kapha/Vata is to choose food according to the seasons. Download: Balancing Kapha, Kapha diet and follow during the winter. Avoid dairy, white anything, wheat, raw foods.

Wake before 6am, AVOID sleep during the day.

Combine1pt Haritaki with 1 pt Triphala Take 1 tsp at bedtime (empty stomach) and also upon awakening.

Self massage use Sesame Oil (coconut oil is fine for the hair).

For painful menstruation take castor oil once a month. Download Monthly balancing for women from website

Dashamula enema using a ‘Fleet Enema bag’ (disposable bags), boil 1tbspn of Dashamula powder into 4 cups (max). Reduce to 2 cups and strain it through cloth to get a strong Dashamula tea. Add 1 part (=1 cup) of sesame oil (this is only because she does not have a lot of ama in her system as seen as little coating on her tongue). Lay on the left hand side, back, right hand side (5 minutes each side), holding the tea for 15 minutes.

Drink more water – it must be warm to hot, up to 6-7 cups/ day.

Chandra Prabha – order from Baidyanath in India – 3 tablets/ day.

Custom Herbal Formula

5pts Punarnava

5pts Chitrak – digestion

3pts Brahmi – mind, depression

3pts Musta

3pts Haritaki

1pt Vaca – depression

4pts Dashamula

1 tsp, 3 x day, with 1 cup of hot water, before meals

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