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**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Female
 * **DOB:** 19th April 1974
 * **POB:** Los Angeles (K,P)
 * **TOB:** 8:35 am (K)
 * **Height:** 5' 2"
 * **Weight:** 115-120 lbs (P)
 * **Bone Structure:** [[Pitta]] primary towards [[Vata]], bones are not skinny but medium ([[Mesomorph]]).
 * **Sleep:**  Good (K) 
 * **Emotions:**  Aggressive (P), if attacked attacks back.  Deep seated anxiety and fear (V)
 * **Memory:**  Generally good, but not so good lately (V disturbance)
 * **Bowel Movement:**  2 well shaped (K), sometimes sinks (toxins).  
 * **Mucus:**  Lots of mucus (K), but clear (V).
 * **[[Ama]] (tongue exam):** [[Pitta]] shaped (pointed), subtle white coating on the tongue (K), red dots around the margins (fire in body), tremors (V)
 * **Pulse:** [[Kapha]] in the heart, Kapha pulse felt at the proximal side (Kapha) of the index finger of the left wrist (heart).
 * **Nails:**  moons found on all fingers (thumb, index and middle), little fading though.  This indicates that he metabolism is not that bad.
 * **Wrinkle line:** Slight spleen line (K) on the left.
 * **Urination:**  Does not urinate at night.  Early morning urine is clear revealing [[Vata]] disturbance.
 * **Pain:**  Injury pain in the right [[adductor]] muscle (inner thigh) from dancing (patient is a dancer).
 * **Menstruation:**  11/12 years old (P), irregular for a long time (V), was put on birth control pills to regulate menstruation during her teen years.
 * **Health Concern:** Kidneys, no serious ailment though, she just thinks that there are toxins in her body, a Chinese medicine consultation revealed kidney deficiency.  
 * **Others:**  Teeth are very bad (Ca problem but also related to Kidneys), skin breakouts, eye problems.  Patient gets dehydrated because she does not drink enough water (4 cups).  Looking to reduce muscle mass (needs a catabolic diet not an anabolic one).  Patient is active and generally in good health.\\ \\



 * Pillars of Ayurvedic Clinical Assessment:
 * [[Nadi]] (pulse):  The doctor asked the patient is she had depression, and she answered yes.  This was indicated by the [[Kapha]] in the heart.  Since her pulse showed Pitta primary, feeling a Kapha [[proximal]] pulse on one finger indicates an abnormality and a doshic imbalance in one of the organs.  Since it was felt in the index finger when placed deep in the left wrist it indicated Kapha in the heart.  [[Vata]] in the heart would indicate anxiety.  The pulse of both wrists was felt at the same time to see the comparative strength of each organ.
     - [[Jiva]] (tongue)
     - [[Shabda]] (listening to the patient)
     - [[Sparsha]] (touch, ask the patient about pain anywhere).
     - [[Drig]] (look at her eyes):  The patient has [[Pitta]] eyes, a bit reddish (P), intensity in the eyes (P), also eyes reveal a [[Vata]] mind (looks to the side when trying to remember and while talking).
     - [[Kruti]] (form):  Pitta form and bones structure [[Mesomorph]].
     - [[Mutra]] (urination): the first morning urine is the most accurate and reveals the true condition of the body.  The patient has clear urine early in the morning.  This indicates a [[Vata]] disturbance.  The urine in the morning is usually yellow.  If it was dark yellow then it indicates [[Pitta]].  If it was turbid or cloudy it indicates [[Kapha]].
 * Also the patient is dehydrated due to the lack of water intake, and this manifests as [[Vata]] disturbance.  She needs to increase her water intake because she is active.  Also deep seated fear can disturb the Kidneys and aggravate Vata.
 * To treat the Kidneys the patient must drink 8 oz – 16 oz warm water upon awakening  1/2-1 hr before herbs or breakfast to flush out the system and kidneys.\\ \\


 * 15 pts [[Kysoor Guggulu]] ([[Guduchi]]-[[Tinospora Cordifolia]], [[Guggulu]]-[[Commiphora mukul]]) for the P hot, sharp, precise, red, inflamed pain.  It will help her because she is active and Pitta primary.  The Guduchi within it will help her liver and bones.
 * 10 pts [[Brahmi]] ([[Centella asiatica]]), good for the [[Vata]] memory, inflammations in the body, joint pains, is detoxifying, good for the liver, will help with her anxiety and fear.
 * 5 pts [[Gokshuradi Guggulu]] contains [[Gokshura]] ([[Tribulus terrestris]]), [[Guggulu]] ([[Commiphora mukul]]), [[Triphala]] ([[Haritaki]], [[Amalaki]] and [[Bibhitaki]]), [[Trikatu]] ([[black pepper]], [[Pippali]], [[dry ginger]]), and [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]).  Musta is also good for the pain and the Kidneys.
 * 5 pts [[Cumin]] seeds ([[Cuminum cyminum]]) for the digestion, also soothes Pitta, good for the Kidneys, especially Vata in the Kidneys.
 * 4 pts [[Chandraprabha]] for the [[Vyadhi]] (disturbance or the disease), it is very good for the Kidneys, also good for the breakouts and acne.
 * 3 pts [[Sweta Chandana]] ([[Santalum album]]) or white sandalwood to soothe the excess Pitta, also good for the Kidneys, anger, fear and the skin.\\ \\  

//Take 1 tsp 3 x day after each meal ideally, but may be taken anyway before or after the meals, with or without meals. The important thing is to take the herbs regularly.

The anupan is aloe vera gel, which is to be taken 1 tbsp with the formula to calm Pitta and help with the Kidney and Liver.

This is a Kidney/Liver and especially Bones formula.//

No **Triphala** to be taken by the patient because she wants to keep it simple due to her frequent travel. Also Triphala is already there in the Kysoor and Gokshuradi Guggulus.

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