**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Male
 * **DOB:** 12th December 1940 (K)
 * **POB:** Europe (K)
 * **TOB:** around 6:00 am (V,K)
 * **Bone Structure:** [[Pitta]]-[[Kapha]] type, solid bone structure.
 * **Sleep:**  Good (K) 
 * **Emotions:**  Deep seated anxiety and fear (V), Depression (fatigued) (K). 
 * **Memory:**  recently not good memory (V)
 *  [[Cholesterol]]: Very subtle crease on earlobe indicating cholesterol and [[Kapha]] in the heart in a subtle way (patient said he has heart disease which is also in the family, and although it does not show much on earlobe it may manifest in another way on the body).
 * **Mucus:** Clear mucus 1st thing in the morning (V).
 * **Ama (tongue exam):** Pink, healthy, no coating (healthy digestive health).  Crack at the centre (chronic back ache).
 * **Pulse:**strong [[Pitta]] pulse, shows [[Vata]] in the heart (anxiousness), shows [[Kapha]] in the kidneys.
 * **Nails:**  no moons on thumb, index and middle fingers (poor digestion).
 * **Wrinkle line:** no major lines, just worry lines.  Very pronounced dimple line around the edge of the lip and chin area which indicates deep seated sadness and grief (said was depressed after the death of his son).  
 * **Urination:**  urinates a lot at night (indicates Kidney problem, also eyes show Kidney deficiency).
 * **Pain:**  Foot nerve pain is hot sharp precise (P), sometimes moves around a bit (V), generalized pain at other times (V).  Pain aggravated by anger (P).  
 * **Health Concern:** Peripheral Neuropathy, hot sharp precise nerve pain in the arch of the right foot and its 2nd toe (P), feet are sometimes numb and pain moves a bit (V).  
 * **Others:**  Lower back pain for a long time.  Ringing in ears (V), itching in ear canal (P), has [[prostatitis]] (P, inflammation of the [[prostate]]), receding hairline (P), Pitta face.  Lip movement shows anxiousness (V)\\ \\


The lower back pain is related to the patient's Kidney deficiency. When the patient mentioned the lower back pain the doctor asked him right away if he urinates at night. The patient said that he urinates a lot at night. The eyes also show Kidney deficiency, and the pulse showed Kapha, and this explains the polyuria or frequent urination.


 * [[Guduchi]] ([[Tinospora Cordifolia]]), V-P-K-, for the inflammatory pain, irritability, liver and memory.
 * [[Kysoor Guggulu]] ([[Guduchi]]-[[Tinospora Cordifolia]], [[Guggulu]]-[[Commiphora mukul]] for the P hot, sharp, precise, red, inflamed pain, it is very anti-inflammatory in general.  Kysoor Guggulu is also good for the heart, cholesterol and cleanses out the arteries.  The Guggulu is particularly good for the muscular/joint pain and also rebuilds nerve connections.  
 * [[Brahmi]] ([[Centella asiatica]]), good for the [[Vata]] memory, inflammations in the body, joint pains, is detoxifying, good for the liver, will help with the patient with his depression.
 * [[Gokshura]] ([[Tribulus terrestris]]), V-P-K=, for the Kidney problems and polyuria.  It is also good for the prostatitis.  Will also treat the lower back pain.
 * [[Arjuna]] ([[Terminalia arjuna]], best herb ever for the heart and cleansing out if the arteries.
 * [[Punarnava]] ([[Boerhaavia diffusa]]), V-P-K-, for the heart and arteries yet less effective than Arjuna, benefits the lung while regulating the [[BP]].\\ \\ 

//Take 1 tsp 3 x day.

The patient wanted to focus primarily on the Neuropathy and then the Prostate and lower back problem, thus this formula focuses on these.

The quantities or parts of the herbs were not mentioned in the recording, but I think the doctor used more Kysoor Guggulu, followed by Gokshura and Arjuna.//


Mahanarayan oil is to be applied daily on the painful areas, it is anti-pain and anti-inflammatory.


This oil is anti-itch and is to be poured into the ear.


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