**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  [[Female]]
 * **[[DOB]]:** 25th [[January 1943]] ([[Kapha]])
 * **[[POB]]:** [[Michigan]], [[USA]] ([[Kapha]])
 * **[[Height]]:** 5' 6"
 * **[[Weight]]:** 120 lbs (V, P)
 * **[[Sleep]]:**  [[Insomnia]] (V), [[racing mind]] (V) 
 * **[[Emotions]]:**  [[Anxiety]] (V) and [[irritability]] (P).
 * **[[Bowel Movement]]:** Once (V,K).
 * **[[Ama]] ([[tongue exam]]):** [[yellow ama]] on the [[tongue]] (P).
 * **[[Pulse]]:** [[Vata]] in [[lung pulse]].  [[Kapha]] is out of balance in her [[heart pulse]]. There is a [[tridoshic]] involvement on all [[finger]]s, but mainly [[dual-doshic]] (V+K).  Pulse indicates remnants of [[cancer]].  
 * **[[Nails]]:** there are [[moons on nails]] ([[digestion]] is good).
 * **[[Menstruation]]:** 12 years old (P), regular 
 * **Health Concern:** was [[diagnose]]d with [[breast cancer]] at the age of 47, and 10 years later was diagnosed with breast cancer on the other [[breast]] (which is 2.5 yrs ago), and 6 months later was diagnosed with [[uterine cancer]].  She received [[radiation therapy]] on one breast, and 1.5 years ago on the other breast, and [[chemotherapy]] 2-2.5 years ago.  Developed [[scleroderma]] as a side effect of radiation therapy.  Also has [[arthritis]] which is bothering her on the [[knuckle]] of the [[thumb]] (P). 
 * **Others:**  History of [[cancer]] in family (sister died from cancer).  Does not take any [[medication]]s currently.  [[Cold hands]] and [[cold feet]] (V).\\ \\      


 * Patients with [[cancer]] usually have a [[tridoshic pulse]], because cancer, especially [[malignant]] cancer, is caused by the [[aggravation]] of all three [[doshas]].  [[Aggravated Vata]] indicates [[scatter]]ing, [[congestion]] and [[stagnation]] that becomes [[cancerous]].  [[Aggravated Pitta]] indicates [[spread]]ing cancer.  [[Aggravated Kapha]] indicates [[growths]] and [[tumor]]s which are not malignant, such as [[myoma]]s, [[lipoma]]s, [[fibrocystic]] changes, [[uterine fibroid]]s.  Vata and Kapha aggravation indicates beginnings or remnant of cancer (the patient's pulse indicates this).  Tridoshic aggravation indicates malignant cancer.  Tumors in Ayurveda is known by the name [[arbuda]].
 * The pulse also indicates [[Kapha]] out of balance in the [[heart]], which indicates Kapha out of balance in the [[avalambaka]] Kapha area, i.e. the [[lung]]s, heart, [[pleural cavity]] and surrounding areas, such as the breast.
 * The patient needs to improve her [[Ojas]] by balancing and regulating the __[[Five Pillars of Life]]__ , thus regulating 1. [[sleep]], 2. [[food]], 3. [[exercise]] (such as [[Yoga]] and [[Tai Chi]]), 4. [[meditation]] and 5. [[sex]].  
 * **[[Ayurvedic Diet]]:** 
     * The patient should follow a [[tridoshic diet]].  This is done by avoiding all the bad foods for Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and especially those bad for Vata and Kapha because her pulse shows aggravation of these two doshas.
     * The patient especially needs to cut of [[milk]] totally, especially that with [[Bovine Growth Hormone]] ([[rBGH]]).  The patient said that she takes [[Soy Milk]], and the doctor told her to avoid it because it is too [[Kaphagenic]].  She needs to stay away from [[dairy]] and reduce [[white colored food]] in general.  She may take [[goat cheese]] because it is [[astringent]].  The patient may get her [[calcium]] from [[vegetable]]s instead.
     * She may take her [[salt]] from [[seaweed]]s which [[shrink growths]] as well.  [[Honey]] is also good because it is a [[lekhana]].\\ \\



 * 10 [[parts]] [[Shatavari]] ([[Asparagus racemosus]], V-P-K=, to treat the main dosha of the patient (Pitta female).  Also treats the female reproductive system in general.  It is also anti-cancer, good for irritability and anxiousness.  It will also treat the scleroderma the patient developed because of the radiation.
 * 9 [[parts]] [[Ashoka]] ([[Saraca indica]]) for the reproductive system in general.
 * 5 [[parts]] [[Kanchanar Guggulu]] (contains [[Kanchanar]] ([[Bauhinia variegata]]), [[Haritaki]] ([[Terminalia chebula]]), [[Amalaki]] ([[Emblica officinalis]]), [[Bibhitaki]] ([[Terminalia belerica]]), Ginger ([[Zingiber officinale]]), Black Pepper ([[Piper nigrum]]), Pippali ([[Piper longum]]), V-P-K-, Kanchanar is tumor reducing especially in the chest and lung area.  Guggulu cleanses the lymphatics, a rejuvenative, anti-inflammatory, good for cysts, tumors, deals with the post effects of radiation and chemotherapy.   Good for [[arbuda]] in general.
 * 4 [[parts]] [[Kaishore Guggulu]] (not spelled [[Kysoor Guggulu]]) ([[Guduchi]] ([[Tinospora cordifolia]]), [[Guggulu]]-[[Commiphora mukul]] for the P hot, sharp, precise, red, inflamed pain, it is very anti-inflammatory in general.  It is good for her arthritic pain in her thumb.  It is anti-cancer and the best herb to treat cancer and tumors.
 * 4 pts [[Asvagandha]] ([[Withania somnifera]]), V-P=K-, to strengthen Vata, treats all 7 [[dhatus]], treats [[artava]] (female reproductive system), good for fatigue and gives strength.  Asvagandha is anti-cancer too.
 * 3 pts [[Brahmi]] ([[Centella asiatica]]), good for the [[Vata]] memory, inflammations in is detoxifying, good for the liver, good for the nervous system and for sleep.
 * 3 pts [[Jatamamsi]] ([[Nardostachys jatamamsi]]), good for the nervous system and sleep, will relax the patient who is very anxious.
 * 1 pt [[Mica]] or [[Abhrak Bhasma]], strengthens the ojas and the immune system, especially around the heart/breast/lung areas.\\ \\ 
//Take 1 tsp 3 x day with 2 tbsp aloe vera gel as anupan after meals to target the lung/breast area.//


 * [[Chyavanprash]] is a jam effective in the recovery of radiation and chemotherapy, especially treats [[Vata]] and [[Kapha]] aggravation, it has a warming quality, the main ingredients include [[Amalaki]] and [[Asvagandha]].  It is anti-cancer and nourishing. 
 * 1 – 2 tsp of Chyavanprash jam is to be taken on an empty stomach between meals or before meals.\\ \\ 


 * [[Amalaki]] ([[Emblica officinalis]]) cleanse out the fire quality of the previous treatments (radiation and chemotherapy), is a rejuvenative to all the seven bodily [[dhatus]] and gets rid of the excessive VPK.
 * 1 tsp of Amalaki powder is to be taken 1 hour before bed.\\ \\


 * [[Tikta ghee]] rebuilds [[ojas]] which gets depleted because of [[cancer]].  Ojas indicates [[immunity]], [[compassion]], energy, patience among many other things, but it mainly indicates the [[immune system]].
 * 1/2 of tikta [[ghee]] is to be taken with meals or before meals.
 * A little amount of [[tikta]] ghee is to be applied on the [[scleroderma]] patches before bed.\\ \\


The body is to be massaged daily with Aswagandha Bala oil 10 minutes before taking a shower. It is to be diluted with sesame oil and warmed before massage. Massage the torso with it and then take a shower. The shower will help the oil penetrate the skin and get deep into the tissue. It is rejuvenating for the body.

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