**Main Health Concerns**

Acid Reflux

• Numbness in face

• Hearing loss; sensitive to noise; slight ringing in the ears

• Eye strain; reads a lot

• “Knee, hip thing going on” (v) – previous injury

• High Vata memory

• Weakness in hands and arms

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is: V2 P3 K1

Current State: V2.5 P3.5

Birth Date-Time-Place:9/1/1970 - 37yrs – 1:00am - Mountainview in winter Height: 5’10” Weight: 160lb/ 73kg

Bone Structure: P, moderate As a child of 10yrs: Skinny (v)

Furrowed brow denotes P mind Sighs a lot, previous asthma – lung deficiency (v), smoked pot for 1 year but gave up 18 months ago

Profession: Teacher of communications (p)

Religion: Buddhist (seems primarily); studies sutras

Energy level overall: Variable – lower than previous

Sleep: fine

Primary emotions: Anxiety and irritability mixed

Meditates for 1 hour everyday for 15 years

Memory: Variable, a concern

Blood Pressure: Border line high BP, 134,

Temp: Hot

Bowel movements: 2 per day, sometimes loose

Regular eating: Has to eat, see below

Agni: High appetite, Mrudu Koshta (soft) – pitta, tikshna agni

Tongue: High fire

Pulse: P&K dual disturbance in the lungs

Pain: Knee, foot, hip injury


Place warmed Bhringaraj Oil into the ears at night before bed. First put in right ear then massage for a minute or two and then do it to the other side until you hear a swoosh sound, “form fitting ear plugs”. Then go to sleep on the right hand side - this should improve hearing,

Meditation for asthma and lung deficiency helps immensely as it increases focus and encourages middle road emotions. Also meat and dairy is not good for asthmatics – increases adrenalin

Brahmi ghee as nasya and pranayama (details in daily routine handout) Read the “How to improve your memory” handout online.

Avoid alcohol

**Custom Herbal formula** 5pts Ashwagandha Withania Somnifera – too soothe Vata and nervine

4pts Kaishore Guggulu – Pitta and vata in the joints

3 pts Mahasudarshan – P/K lungs (bitter)

1 pt Sitopaladi – digestion and K in the lungs

4 pts Musta Cyperus rotundus - lungs and pain, excess fire

2 pts Yogaraj Guggulu – soothes Vata

1tsp, 3 x day with raw, uncooked honey with meals and 1 cup of hot water

Also takes 1 tsp of Triphala before bed; is recommended to continue.

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