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Main Health Concern

migraines (Pitta)

enlarged spleen

hearing loss

•Wants to cleanse and work on digestion


Constitution (Prakruti / Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is:V3P2K1

Current State (Vikruti): V3.5

Birth Date-Time-Place: April 8, 1960 4:30pm Israel (Kapha place and time in vata)

Age: 35 going on 36

Height: 5’9” Weight: 150lbs (Pitta-Mesomorph)

As a Child of 10 years old: thin (Vata) to medium (Pitta)

[[Energy]] Steady and high energy level (Pitta) 

Sleep: sleep is not good… Insomnia at 2a (Vata)

Primary Emotions: irritable (Pitta)

Secondary Emotions: sadness (Kapha)

Memory: Learn fast and remember (Pitta)

BP: blood pressure is on the lower end… gets dizzy when she gets up at times (Vata)

Blood type: O+ = Pitta Kapha 60%

Bowel Movement: less than once a day… Constipation sometimes can go 2-5 days

Floats (healthy)?Stool sinks, leaves traces (toxins) or Sinks (ama) No longer leaves traces since becoming vegetarian.

Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam: Tongue tremors (Vata)

Pulse: Bone structure is Pitta. Very high Vata in pulse. Need to soothe nervous system.

Eyes: tremors (Vata)

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

Vata formula primarily for colon, digestion and absorption and secondarily for liver and kidney

2 Bala (for overall strength… soothes Vata and Pitta but doesn’t disturb Kapha),

5 Ashwagandha (for the muscle…soothes Vata and Kapha but doesn’t disturb Pitta)

5 kapikatchu -

4 vidari

3 Guduchi (helps liver, depression and lower back pain),

3 yogaraj guggulu - great for tremors, soothes Vata

2 musta -

1 tagar - muscle relaxer

2 licorice

3 shankapushpi

Directions: 1 teaspoon 3x times per day for 6-8 weeks taken with 8oz of hot water (with raw honey for taste if needed) 40minutes before meals to help with colon

Herbal Oils (Massage, Nasya):

Mahan Aryan oil - most healing toward tremors. Purchase in bulk and apply before shower to allow the oils to penetrate deeper as the water and oil repel one another. Use 1 ounce when healthy and 2 ounces of oil on entire body daily. Apply warmed oil daily to ears to assist with hearing loss, colon, lower back, heart, sternum and chakras.

Sandalwood essential oil applied after shower

Other Recommendations:

Pitta should sleep on right and Vata should sleep on the left.

Juicing will increase Vata and Pitta. If when cooked, it becomes sweet (i.e. onion and carrot) must dilute with water.

Kapha should have 1 a week sexual activity, Pitta should engage in orgasms 1 every 2 weeks 
and Vata is once a month.

Follow Vata soothing diet

Don't take tons of vitamins, especially B. Avoid lots of Vit C- max 500, chavanprash, minimum B

Drink 10 cups daily of water

For Vata-types, it is important to eat at regular hours


Fasts 2 xs annually for an upwards of 2 weeks. Generally a master cleanse or juice fast

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