Note: This consultation cut off at 31 minutes.

**Main Health Concerns**

• Weak liver due to late nights, trying to balance this and is 50% better since last consult.

• Hair Loss, alopecia

• Memory is not great

• History of psoriasis

• History of back problems – lower back and sciatica

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V2 P3 K1

**Current State/ Vikruti:** V2.5 P3.5

**DOB:** July 29th 1976 **Birth time:**10:25pm (pitta time) **Birth Place:** Montreal (pitta season)

**Height:**5’10” **Weight:** 164cm

**Ten year old:**

**Blood Type**: O+

**Energy level:** Lots of energy

**Sleep:** 50% better sleeping patterns which means he goes to bed at 11pm half the time and 1-2am the other half of the time. This was the number one thing for him to improve his health. He has a tendency to sleep a lot of hours.

**Primary Emotions:** Irritability

**Secondary emotions:** Anxiety, worry

**Tremors**: Some eye tremor shows high vata, also sighing. Visual and auditory memory (pitta and vata)


**Memory:** OK, not great. Learns fast and forgets (vata).

**Blood Pressure:** Fine

**Cholesterol:** Fine

**Agni:** Tikshna agni – gets impatient if he has to wait for a meal.

**Fingernails/moons:** Moons on thumb, index and middle – this has improved since the last consultation.

**Regular eating:**

**Bowel movements:** 1-2 per day, generally loose stool but varies. Sinking stool shows ama.

**Ama:** Some coating on tongue.


**Tongue:** Bright red patchy tongue shows high fire/pitta nature. Deep line in the tongue shows back problems. A little bit squared off shows poor digestion, probably from sleeping at weird hours. Teeth marks show malabsorption but he says this is getting better.






7am is a fine time for him to wake up because his vata is high; but no later or else it can slow his metabolism.

NO Chilli peppers

For back problems: Gentle yoga, use a kneeling computer chair as they force you to sit upright

**Custom Herbal Formula**

**Has been having from last consult**

1 pt Kaishore Guggulu – liver rejuvenative

1pt Ashwagandha – male energy

1 pt Avipattikar – for pitta (not too heating) with a vata disturbed digestive system like gas.

Take 3 x a day with Ashwagandha ghee for fatigue – he no longer needs to do this.

**Further notes**

With hair loss you always need to look at kidney (vata) and liver (pitta).

Guduchi is the best herb for Tikshna agni - hyperglycaemia

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