Note on this consultation: The whole recorded consultation was not available.

**Main Health Concerns**

• Slow, irregular digestion for past two years

• Very low energy

• Pain in intestine, hot, general

• Vata in nervous system

• Parasites previously, possibly still?

• Cold feet only

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V P K

**Current State/ Vikruti:**

**DOB:** 7/2/1975 **Birth time:**

  • Birth Place:** Punjab – cold & windy (V)

**Height:** 5’8” **Weight:** 123lb/56kg Note: 5 years ago – 158lb/72kg

**Ten year old:**

**Blood Type:** O+

**Energy:** Very low

**Sleep:** Sensitive to sound (v), sensitive to light (p)


**Primary Emotions:** Stable emotions due to yoga practice, but gets more (Vata style) depressed when not doing it.

**Secondary emotions:** Irritable

**Memory:** Vata style, learn fast and quick to forget

**Blood Pressure:** OK

**Bowel movements:** 1 everyday in the morning, loose stool, has to flush twice because of ama. No gas or bloating.

**Regular eating:** Eats very regularly

**Agni:** Tikshna, sharp. Fingernails, lacking moons on thumb and nails of index and middle – sluggish digestion

**Tongue:** Tremors (v), faint teeth marks; malabsorption

**Eye Tremors:** yes

**Dreams:** Chasing (p) and being chased (v), violent dreams, sleeps on his back **Temperature:** Dreams: Chasing (p) and being chased (v), violent dreams, sleeps on his back


Suggestions to soothe Vata in nervous system

Sleep on the left hand side, left hand under left ear, right hand on right thigh – to promote good digestion

Warm sesame oil in the ears for sound sensitivity

Warm sesame oil on feet before bed

Nasya: Morning and night

Follow Vata-Pitta diet

**Custom Herbal Formula**

Note: This is not complete as the recording was not all available.

Vidanga: Don’t give sweet, nourishing herbs when there are parasites.

Triphala: 1 tsp before bed at night.

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