**Health Consultation**

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Patient’s Prakruti

prakruti = V2P3K1

 * 5 feet 6 inches and 130 lbs
 * Three bowel movements a day

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * Fearful
 * [[Asthma]] ([[kapha]] in the lung)
 * Sugar cravings; dizzy at times; [[low blood pressure]]
 * Currently taking [[triphala]] before bed and herbal formula given at previous consultation; Inconsistent taking herbs
 * heart depression as shown on the tongue (sadness)
 * Kapha in the heart pulse and crease on left ear
 * [[Vata]] in the kidneys (not drinking enough water)
 * Subtle tremors in tongue and tongue a little dry
 * Tremors in eyelids
 * Cold hands
 * Stays out at night and drinks wines at times (body reacts)

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = subtle vata disturbance


 * Chew on [[licorice stick]] to help reduce excess [[pitta]] and vata
 * Drink [[tulsi]] tea or take [[aloe vera]]
 * Drink 8 cups of warm water daily
 * Apply [[mahanarayan oil]] to painful areas and do [[abyanga]] daily for vata disturbance
 * Follow daily routine

Take 1 teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula with teaspoon of rapadura sugar or sucanat in a cup of warm water before meals three times a day for six weeks:

 * 10 parts [[shatavari]] (sooths vata and pita)
 * 8 parts [[guduchi]] (tri-doshic, help sugar cravings)
 * 5 parts [[brahmi]] (helps memory)
 * x parts [[yogaraj guggulu]] (sooths vata, helps ensure joints in good shape)
 * 6 parts [[licorice]] (help with sugar cravings, sooths vata)
 * 3 parts [[gokshura]] (helps vata in kidney)
 * x parts [[ashwagandha]] (sooths vata)

Continue to take 1 teaspoon of triphala one hour before bed.

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