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File name: CLN301_V2P3K1_Vata_Pain_HRB108_Cons_06032003.wma

Main Health Concern • nail infection

leaky gut syndrome

muscle tension

ulcer in mouth

shoulder pain

irregular menstruation

gas and bloating

cold hands and cold feet…most of her life …Vata

[[Constitution]] ([[Prakruti]] / Genetic-[[Karmic Makeup]]) is:V2P3K1 

Current State (Vikruti): P3

Birthdate: Jan 11, 1950 Time: 5:30a.m. Kapha in day and Vata time

Height: 5'9 Weight: 156Ibs

Child: 10 years old…thin (Vata)

Moons: thumbs visible and index finger. Not visible on middle finger…indicates metabolism

is slightly poor

Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam: Tongue has froth in lung area…

Pulse: Heart pulse …some anxiety…Vata disturbance…Pitta primary.

Sleep: normal most of the day…does not remember dreams…

Bowel Movements: 2 to 3 / day … Pitta…not loose, normal..Kapha

Urinates frequently: sometimes throughout the night

On set of menstruation: 11…Pitta

Menstruation: abnormal Discharge: occasional discharge..

Water consumption: 4 cups daily…needs to increase to 8 cups daily

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed

15 ashwagandha - soothes Vata, great energy boost

8 chitrak - soothes and decreases Vata, excellent toward agni

9 yogaraj guggulu - decrease osteoarthritis any muscle pain

4 dashamula - 10 soothing roots, especially to joints and shoulder

4 sitopaladi -

**hing spice to use frequently as dressing for foods. Maximum 1/2 tsp 2 xs/day.

Directions: herbal formula to be taken 1/2 to 1 tsp 3 xs/day with warm water. Otherwise you can

Daily oil massage:

Mahan Aryan oil - massage around any painful areas on the body prior to shower and evening

before bed.

Once a day light oil massage the entire body


•Vata disturbed and should minimize raw food intake

Cooked, warm, lightly spiced foods are better

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