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**Source Audio File:**

 * **Patient:**  Female
 * **DOB:** 18th July 1977 (P)
 * **POB:** Barcelona, Spain (P)
 * **TOB:** 3:15 am (V) 
 * **Height:** 5' 4"
 * **Weight:** 120 lbs (P)
 * **Bone Structure:** [[Pitta]]
 * **As a 10 year old:**  Medium (P)
 * **Sleep:**  Good (K) 
 * **Emotions:**  Proactive, does not run away from problems (P)
 * **Memory:**  Learns fast and forgets (V), patient links this to previous pot-smoking (disturbs V)
 * [[BP]]:  low (V)
 * **Bowel Movement:**  normal but varies, once a day, sometimes loose ([[Vishama agni]]), (K)
 * **Agni:**  Variable hunger ([[Vishama Agni]]), [[hypoglycemic]] (P)
 * **Nails:** Spots on nails indicate [[calcium deficiency]].  There is a moon on the thumb, but is lacking on other nails, and this indicates that the metabolism is not bad but a little off.  
 * **Ama (tongue exam):** A little bit of yellow coating ([[ama]]) (P), shaved patch on the tongue at the back of the tongue (indicating [[parasites]] or [[krumi]] in the intestines region)
 * **Pulse:** [[Pitta]] pulse indicating slightly elevated [[Vata]] and Vata disturbance.
 * **Pain:** Pain in the joints is described as being neither cold or hot, but neutral (this is Vata because not being able to describe the pain precisely indicates the subtle quality of Vata)
 * **Menstruation:**  14 years old (K), regular (K)
 * **Health Concern:**  Pain in joints (V), cold hands and feet (V), slightly yellow teeth (P).\\ \\


 * There is a shaved patch at the back area of the tongue.  The doctor asked if the patient had travelled to any Third World country and drank water there, or perhaps drank from a stream, and if she has any cramping.  The patient said that she camps out and drinks from streams and after doing so she gets a general feeling of fatigue and weakness.  
 * The shaved patch is a sign of parasites, or [[krumi]] as Ayurveda calls it.  The doctor said that stream water and bad water from third World countries is usually infested with parasites, and that she may have some kind of intestinal parasite such as [[Giardia lamblia]].  The shaved area is placed at the back of the tongue which confirms the diagnoses, because the back area indicates the intestinal area.
 * Although the metabolism of the patient is a little off she did not gain much weight because of her [[prakruti]] which is [[Pitta]] primary and [[Vata]] secondary.  If she was Pitta/[[Kapha]] for instance, she would be overweight.\\ \\


 * 5 pts [[Kysoor Guggulu]] ([[Guduchi]]-[[Tinospora Cordifolia]], [[Guggulu]]-[[Commiphora mukul]] for her Pitta ama and Pitta primary prakruti.
 * 3 pts [[Brahmi]] ([[Centella asiatica]]), good for the memory, inflammations in the body, joint pains, and is detoxifying, especially good for Pitta.
 * 2 pts [[Yasthimadhu]] ([[Glycyrrhiza glabra]]) or [[Licorice]], V-P-K=, for the low blood pressure and aggravated Vata.
 * 4 pts [[Vidanga]] ([[Embelia ribes]]), V-P+K-, for the parasites.
 * 2 pts [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]), V+P-K-, is anti-pain especially for Pitta people, also for the parasites.\\ \\ 

//Take 1/2 to 1 tsp with a cup of water as a chaser 3 times a day. This is a preventative herbal formula for joint pains and parasites.//

Take 1/2 tsp at 7:00 pm for the ama on the tongue.

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