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 +**Source Audio File:** [[http://​​medicine-buddha-clinic/​index.php?​dir=&​file=CLN301_V3P1K2_UTI_3_HRB108_Cons_08242003.wma]]\\ \\
 +  * **Patient:​** ​ Female
 +  * **DOB:** 8th April 1965 (V) – autumn in Bolivia
 +  * **POB:** Tarija, Bolivia (V)
 +  * **Height:** 5' 5"
 +  * **Weight:** 127 lbs (P)
 +  * **As a 10 yr old child:** skinny (V) but always with a big butt (K)
 +  * [[BP]]: normal to low (V)
 +  * **Memory:** good memory (P)
 +  * **Energy:​** ​ Good steady energy (K) 
 +  * **Emotions:​** ​ Anxiety, [[hyperventilation]],​ teeth-grinding (V).
 +  * **Bowel Movement:** Once, sometimes constipated (V).
 +  * **Ama (tongue exam):** white [[ama]] on the tongue (K) which indicates cold [[agni]] and allergies, stable tongue (K).  Tongue shows a bit of teeth marks ([[malabsorption]]).
 +  * **Agni:** used to have acid belly many years ago (P), bloating and gases (V).
 +  * **Allergies:​** ​ Has allergies to vegetables, fruits and milk.  Also allergic to cats.  Allergy manifests as sneezing (K) 
 +  * **Pulse:** [[Vata]] in the heart (anxiousness),​ [[Kapha]] in the spleen, weak Kidney energy (pulse disappears on pressure), Vata in colon (constipation and the patient'​s constitution),​ Kapha in lungs (sneezing and allergies).
 +  * **Nails:** has moons but also in the ring finger which is unusual (people usually have rings on the thumb, index and middle fingers), and this indicates not so good [[agni]] in a different way.  There are no spots nor striations.
 +  * **Eyes:** tremors (V disturbance),​ [[Kapha]] shaped eyes.
 +  * **Menstruation:​** 14 years old (K), lumpy and heavy swollen breasts (K), used to have [[polycystic ovaries]] (treated them with [[homeopathy]]) (K).
 +  * **Health Concern:** [[urinary tract infection]] (UTI) which she had fo a while and menstrual problems.
 +  * **Others:​** ​ [[Kapha]] well formed teeth, history of warts (worry warts), bites lips (V), back pain, deposits fat in the butt and thigh areas (V+K) because the butt, thigh and pelvic region are Vata sites, and V/K move fat to that area (downward moving Vata), has oily and dry skin at the same time (V+K), cold hands and feet (V), does not sweat easily (V).\\ \\ 
 +=== NOTES: ===
 +  * The patient has allergy to raw foods, such as soy sprouts, vegetables and fruits. ​ Also has allergy to milk and avocados. ​ Allergy to raw food indicates [[Vata]] aggravation and allergy to milk and avocados (avocados are oily and heavy) indicate [[Kapha]] aggravation. ​ Patient says that when she sucks on a lemon after eaten these foods her allergic reactions get better. ​ This is because lemons are sour ([[amla]]) which is heating and hence kindle her [[agni]] and this reduces the food reaction and gets rid of it.  Vatas cannot digest raw foods and thus need lemon to improve the digestive fire.
 +  * If a certain food does not agree with Pittas it usually passes out through diarrhea. ​ If it does not agree with Kaphas they usually have allergic reactions such as sneezing and tearing eyes.  If it does not agree with Vatas they have bloating and gas. 
 +  * The patient asked if she could take multivitamin pills. ​ The doctor checked her tongue and saw slight teeth marks showing malabsorption,​ and thus said it was OK to take them.
 +  * The patient has a [[Pitta]] mind but a [[Vata]]/​[[Kapha]] physical constitution. ​ She is a software engineer and a sharp memory (P).  Her emotions are more Vata and Kapha (anxious + cries). ​ The mental constitution does not necessary need to match the physical constitution.
 +  * The patient needs to soothe her Vata in order to conceive, because Kapha is naturally fertile, and thus needs to follow a Vata soothing diet.  Vata causes 80% of diseases and Vata pushes the other doshas, so here Vata pushes Kapha and aggravates her Kapha. ​ Thus if we soothe her Vata her Kapha will naturally be soothed.  ​
 +  * The patient also needs regularity in her life to soothe Vata.  She should stay away from multi-tasking. ​ She needs regular exercise (yoga is good for Vatas). ​
 +  * The patient must drink 8oz – 12oz warm water upon awakening and wait 1/2 – 1 hr before eating breakfast to flush out the Kidneys and treat the UTI problems.\\ \\
 +  * 15 pts [[Punarnava]] ([[Boerhaavia diffusa]], V-P-K-, it is the main herb for Kapha [[prakruti]],​ good for asthma, sneezing and allergies, also good for heaviness, bloating, swelling, polycystic ovaries, is [[diuretic]] and thus good for Kapha type menstrual problems of bloating and swollen breasts.
 +  * 10 pts [[Ashoka]] ([[Saraca Indica]]) for the female reproductive system in general, regulates menstruation and traits pain and prevents it.
 +  * 8 pts [[Chitrak]] ([[Plumbago zeylanica]]),​ V-P+K-, best herb to kindle the agni of Vata and Kapha, good also for the oily and dry skin.  Since Chitrak will kindle the patient'​s agni, it will consequently treat her allergies. ​ Will also help with the cold hands and feet.
 +  * 6 pts [[Gokshuradi guggulu]] ([[Gokshura]] – [[Tribulus terrestris]],​ and [[Guggulu]] – [[Commiphora mukul]]), for the kidney deficiency and the urinary tract infection. ​ Calcium is added to this to treat bone density. ​
 +  * 8 pts [[Guduchi]] ([[Tinospora cordifolia]],​ V-P-K-, for the oily/dry skin, good for the memory, energy, digestion and the liver.
 +  * 6 pts [[Brahmi]] ([[Centella asiatica]]),​ detoxifying,​ good for the liver, good for the nervous system, will calm the patient down.
 +  * 4 pts [[Jatamamsi]] ([[Nardostachys jatamamsi]]),​ good for the nervous system and sleep, will relax the patient who is very anxious.\\ \\ 
 +//Take 1/2 tsp 3 x day with 1-2 tbsp [[aloe vera]] gel as [[anupan]].\\ \\  ​
 +The herbal dosage is reduced because the patient has ama on her tongue, and this indicates that her agni is too weak to deal with herbs. ​ As the tongue gradually clears up the patient may increase the dosage up to 1 tsp.\\ \\
 +Although the main health concern of the patient is the UTI, the Gokshuradi Guggulu was used in a relatively small amount in comparison to the main prakruti herb.  This is because the Guggulus in general are to be used sparingly because they are potent and expensive and you only need a small amount to see a positive effect. ​ They are never to be given in large amounts unless the patient has a major health problem. ​ Thus, Guggulu is never given as a main herb.
 +The herbs that target the polycystic ovaries are Punarnava, Ashoka, Chitrak, Gokshuradi Guggulu.//​\\ \\
 +== TEA FOR UTI: ==
 +  * The patient may take cumin/​coriander/​fennel seeds tea.  These are to be taken in equal parts and to be boiled as a tea.  The patient may drink 1-2 cups daily. ​ This will help with the Kidney and UTI problems.\\ \\
 +  * This is to be massaged onto the back.  [[Mahanarayan oil]] is anti-inflammatory and very soothing especially for Vatas.
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