**Main Health Concerns**

Carpal Tunnel, RSI with numbness, pain and numbness

• Cold hands & feet

• Low Energy

Constipation, history of

Allergies: Dairy, nightshades, citrus, chocolate (feels muddled and gets heart palpitations)

Anxiety when feels trapped

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P1 K2

Current State/ Vikruti: V 3.5

Birth Date: Nov 25th, 1976 Place: Istanbul, Turkey, Autumn Height: 5’7” Weight: 145lb

Blood type: Energy level overall: Low energy

Blood Pressure: low

Gas: Not really

Sleep: Down around 12am, Up around 9am

Primary emotions: Anxiety, irritability, depression (v) Water intake: Stops taking water when emotionally imbalanced (imbalanced vata), and then gets angry (v pushing p). She prefers hot water.

Memory: OK, Learns slowly and remembers

Bowel movements: Constipation history but now goes 1-2 times a day since she has avoided foods in her allergies list above

Menstruation: Painful, regular

Agni: Low:- lack of moons on fingernails and faint moon on thumb shows poor digestion,

Tongue: Line down the centre denote back problems

Photo of tongue:


Put Mahanarayan Oil on body before bed anywhere there is pain or numbness and Vata areas likes knees and lower back. Also put in on two other times a day. Make gentle movements while oiling to pacify Vata in muscles and joints.

Download from website the files called Meditation and Meditation not working as expected. She craves sweets because her Vata is high and she is not meditating. Towards the end of the consult there is a discussion on the benefits of meditation.

Follow Vata & Pitta diet

Triphala tablets (tried powder previously with no compliance). 1 tsp worth before bed.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

5pts Kaishore Guggulu – joint pain where there is heat and sensitivity to heat, anti-inflammatory

4pts Ashwagandha – energy, carpal tunnel

3pts Yogaraj Guggulu – soothe vata & kapha, joints, arms, wrists, pain relief

3pts Bala – painful menstruation, anti-inflammatory, improve muscular strength and heart

1pt Ashoka – painful menstruation, dryness is balanced due to the other herbs

3pts Avipattikar – digestive without being too heating

1 pt Arjuna – for heart palpitations

3pts Brahmi – mind, anxiety

1 pt liquorice – unctuousness balances Ashoka and Arjuna

2pts Tagar – muscles relaxant,

2 pts Musta – aids digestion and lungs, pain relief

Take 1 tsp, 3 x day, 15 mins before food

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