Follow-up consultation, look to first consultation for initial information

Interesting Note: A difficult birth (as was in this case) or a premature birth can make a “congenital prakruti” which is to say that a Pitta/Kapha primary may pick up the prakruti of Vata, called ‘congenital Vata’, compared to ‘hereditary Vata’. This makes prakruti trickier to figure out.

**Main Health Concerns**

 * [[Insomnia]], hot flashes –More than before. 
 * White mucous, white on tongue
 * [[Bloating]]
 * Spaced out (V)
 * Low energy
 * [[Anxiety]] – tongue, eye,  hand tremors

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P1 K2

Current State/ Vikruti: V3.5

Birth Date: Oct 6th, 1982 Place: Vancouver, autumn Time: 5am (vata) Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 127lb (pitta)

Water intake: 12 cups of warm water – so night time heat is not from Yin defincency, rather high Pitta.

Insomnia: Heat and high pitta (also in the day time). Trouble going to sleep. Is currently using sesame oil on feet and in ears, needs to change this to Bhringaraj oil.

Ama: White on tongue,

Pulse: Kidneys – dual doshic disturbance, feels the spike in other various areas, weak liver

Dreams: Vivid, colour, sometimes being chased, flying away from things (vata)

Circulation: Cold hands, very sensitive to wind but likes a fresh breeze and feels heat. Needs tridoshic herbs.

Tongue: Lots of tongue tremors show high Vata, teeth marks (malabsorption), yellow ama

Ama: Yellow and white,

Stress: Very stressed out that she is not working.

__Improvements since last consultation__

Constipation is improved thanks to Triphala.

Menstruation: Regular (previously was irregular)


Use Bhringaraj oil on feet and in ears (‘form fitting ear plugs’), on third eye, crown chakra instead of using sesame oil.

Wear socks or slippers to stay warm and balance Vata’s quality of cold. OR put feet in a bucket of warm water, or sit in half lotus or full lotus and cover lower body in blanket.

Recite “Too she far” mantra, 108 times, slowly before bed. It is the line from the Shurangama which helps with dream disturbance, nightmares and bad sleep.

Rub hands together to get some friction and heat, put over ears before leaving the house to avoid furtherVata imbalance.

Home Panchakarma for 7 days from Dr. Lads Home Remedies book, pg 49 - 54:

Eat Kitchari (no veges, if she really has to have 1 vegetable only) with this spice blend (Tridoshic)

5pts each of Cumin, Coriander, Fennel

3pts Cardamom

1pt Cinnamon

5pts Turmeric

1pt Black Pepper

Use fresh ginger.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

NB. Michael Reid likes to change herbs because the body is used to the herbs she has been taking for the past 6 weeks (Dashamula, Brahmi etc.). This time Shatavari is the leading herb.

5pts Shatavari, Asparagus Racemosus – soothes nerves and Pitta, balance female reproductive organs, helps with menstruation

4pts Ashwagandha, Withania Somnifera – tremors and nervous system,

3pts Musta (instead of Chitrak) best herb for agni especially when pitta is aggravated

5pts Shankhapushpi (instead of Brahmi and Bacopa Monniera) – pitta soothing

5pts Liquorice, Yasthi Madhu (replace Brahmi) – mind,

2 ptsGokshuradi guggulu, Tribulus terrestris – kidneys, liver, tremors

2pts Tagar – dull and calm the body and mind, is Tamasic, she is not working in the day so this is OK, it is one of the best herbs for sleep.

1pt Mahasudarshan – lungs and white mucous, also helps liver. It is very bitter so disturbs Vata, hence only 1 pt.

3 pts Cardamom, Ela – lungs, circulation, digestion gives warmth without increasing Pitta

2pts Sariva, Anantamula – eczema, kidneys. Also makes it more yummy

1 tsp boiled in water 3 x day for 6 weeks, add raw, uncooked honey. Take 15-30 minutes before food (to take it to the Kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs – lower part of the gut)

Goodnight sleep tea

5pts Tagar – sleep.

2pts Liquorice - calms the mind

? ptsChrysanthemum – soothes Pitta, can increase Vata in excess

Triphala customised: 5pts Amalaki: 2pts Triphala (standard) – Take 1 tsp before bed on empty stomach to take it to the liver, reduce Pitta.

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