CLN301_V3P1K2_V3.5K2.5_Chronic-Fatigue-Sinusitis-Constipation-Smoker-Yeast-Infection_20090112 **Main concerns**: sick for 2 months vata congestion, sinus headache kapha fatigue vata, kidney lines in eyes vata, occasional back pain vata Born 03-24-1977 in Santa Cruz, California between 6-7 a.m. kapha hour of day kapha changing to vata place and season. Blood type is B- (kapha 80% of the time). 5 feet 7 and one half inches tall 125 pounds pitta frame. Skinny at ten years old vata. Overall energy: poor vata. Working in restaurants is vata disturbing. Smoking for 16 years is vata disturbing, currently trying to quit (haven’t smoked for 12 days. Sleep is deep characteristic of kapha with occasional insomnia characteristic of vata. Slow to wake up shows kapha being pushed by vata. Bowel movement 1-2 a day except when not smoking might skip a day occasional constipation stool is variable to loose and sinks every couple of days showing high pitta and vata ama. Usually feels cold, craves warm humid environment vata. Emotionally experiences mixture of lethargy and depression indicative of kapha with a recent tendency towards anxiety showing vata. Specific memory is poor (learns fast and forgets) showing vata. Blood pressure is very low. Sometimes experiences dizziness showing vata. Appetite is good but sometimes forgets to eat (vata trait) causing gas. Moons are recessed on middle and index fingers showing malabsorption. Mild scallops on tongue and small cracks indicate malabsorption and mild dehydration both typically vata disturbance. Drinks 3cups of water a day, should be taking 8-12 cups a day. Bones are vata structured. Pulse is overall vata variable in kidney and shows high kapha in spleen and lungs. Eats greasy food and does best on 9-11 hours of sleep vata. Has heavy alcohol consumption for the last few years. Been told she has a strong constitution. Got first period at 13 years old (normal) on a regular schedule kapha with a painful vata heavy flow pitta with a tendency towards yeast infections afterwards with white kapha discharge. Cutting back on dairy and sweets will help. Has orbital headache ie. the temples showing strained pitta in the liver, adding hing also known as asafoetida and “devil’s dung” to the diet should help. Feeling spiritually and emotionally “off kilter” showing disturbance of subtle vata prana. Try gentle exercises such as yoga, tai chi, etc. Avoid jarring or strenuous exercise such as jogging, jumping etc… check out vata yoga asana reference at . Follow 7 point morning meditation using the seed syllables for grounding: shi dan do bo la da And contemplating vata qualities. With exercise and meditation kapha diet is good to get over the mucous. Spring time is best to transition to a vata diet. Very important to eat at regular hours. Oleate with one ounce daily of vata soothing oil from: before bath or shower. Take 2 tabs shilajit 3 times daily. Take 1 teaspoon triphala before bed each evening. Take 1 teaspoon 3 times daily 30 minutes before eating, with 1 teaspoon honey (if desired) to help congestion of “Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Moon, vata/kapha formula”: 8 parts Bala for fatigue, and physical strength 4 parts Bhringaraj for anxiety, liver 3 parts Vacha for depression, lungs, and digestion 3 parts Ashwagandha for insomnia, energy 3 parts Chitrak for digestion 1 part Ella for Ama and good flavor 2 parts Avipattikar for digestion, gas, constipation 2 parts Dashamula for lungs, digestion, colon 2 parts Sitopaladi for lungs 3 parts Bhumyamalaki to detoxify liver and colon 3 parts Ashoka for menstrual pain, yeast, white discharge Follow up in 2 months.

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