**Main Health Concerns**


• Hair Loss

• Night time urination, interrupts sleep

Acid Reflux, burning, bitter and sour taste in the mouth (pitta)


• Feels cold, low circulation


• Poor memory

• Pimple when eating sweets Pitta

• Pain in the back of the head Vata and neck

• Pain all over Vata ama

Dandruff, itchiness

• Impatience

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P1 K2

Current State/ Vikruti: V3.5 K2.5

DOB: 9th Sept 1978

Height: 5’2” Weight:110 lb

Ten year old: Medium

Menstruation: Irregular, scanty with bearable pain in back and stomach

Menarche: 14 years old

Energy level: //Used// to be high energy with focus, but she now has low energy

Memory: Poor now but she used to have more pitta style memory which was fast to learn and easy to remember.

Primary Emotions: Depression, sadness

Secondary emotions: Anxiety

Sleep: Goes to sleep easy but hard to get out of bed in the morning

Blood Pressure: Not sure but has dizziness which shows high vata

Childhood history: Jaundice (pitta)

Water intake: 4 cups of water/day

Tongue: Cracks on the tongue looking like chicken feet (shows dryness in the body), dip on heart area shows depression, squared off shape shows that there is possible underactive thyroid (although her Agni is good).

Bowel Movements: Every three days when constipated. She goes twice a day when not constipated.

Agni/ Metabolism: Moons on thumb, index and middle finger show good agni


Pulse: Weak kidney and liver

Bone structure: On wrist is Vata


Drink more water – 10 to 12 cups of warm water a day

Avoid black tea (she drinks a lot).

Download Colon Balancing article

Download Balancing Vata article. Follow seven point morning plan focusing on Vata attributes.

Vata diet – avoid cold, raw foods. Sautee is ideal, add hot spices at the end for Kapha husband.


She needs to generate heat in the body in a gentle way, like Islamic prostrations. There is a discussion here on the benefits of exercise mixed with devotion and its great benefits. Doing 108 a day is very good (they do not need to be done all in one go). Absolute minimum in Islam is 4 and 3 in Buddhism.

Other exercise options are Tai Chi, Yoga and Aikido as these are circular and grounding. No jumping, jogging, bike riding etc. Cut back on eating excess meat – 1-2 times a week is OK. Eating less meat results in a lower chance of developing the top ‘killers’ such as heart disease, cancer, obesity etc. Look at book //The China Study//.

Wear socks for Vata, stay warm

Self massage with warm Vata massage oil using 1 ounce/ 30ml a day.

**Custom Herbal Formula** to balance Vata and for pain

8pts Brahmi – //Centella Asiatica//: For the mind, depression, anxiety

2pts Vaca – //Calamus root//: Goes with the Brahmi, helps memory, clear mental speech, sadness and improves digestion as she has squared off tongue.

8pts Gokshura – //Tribulus terrestris//: very good for kidneys, 2nd most important herb for her,

6pts Shatavari - //Asparagus Racemosus//: Constipation, irregular and scanty menstruation, acid belly

3pts Ashoka //Saraica Indica// – For Leucorrhoea dries up excess mucous/ kapha, but only a small amount is used and in conjunction with the Shatavari to balancing drying qualities

4pts Angelica Root Dong Quai – TCM herb for female reproductive system

3pts Bala //Sida Cordifolia// – chronic levels of fatigue

2pts Chitrak //Plumbago zeylanica// - digestion

5pts Cordyceps fungus – a TCM fungus that builds ojas, helps the immune system, bio mass powder

3pts Vidari //Ipomoea digitata// – pain in the body

3pts Guduchi //Tinospora cordifolia// – big brother to Vidari. Guduchi is very good for pain where there is also acid reflux.

1tsp of herbs with 1tsp of aloe vera gel 3 x day steeped in a cup of hot water, 30 hour before the meal

Triphala for constipation in the morning - 5 tablets or equivalent in Triphala powder

**Further notes**

Hair loss can be weak kidney or weak liver. Weak kidney can also affect fertility.

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