Health Consultation

The following Ayurvedic Chinese Medicine health consultation is with a 29 year-old woman with constipation, fatigue, insomnia, acid reflux and a family history of diabetes.

Relevant Files
Patient’s Prakruti

Prakruti = V3P1K2

 * Born February 29, 1980 in San Jose, California ([[kapha]] [[month]])
 * Born at 2:00 pm ([[Vata]] [[time of day]])
 * 5 feet 10 inches tall, 148 pounds ([[pitta]] [[body type]])
 * Skinny at 10 years old (vata)
 * Steady physical energy level within past 10 years overall (kapha)
 * [[Scattered]] mental energy level within past 10 years overall (vata)
 * Worries and stresses often (vata)
 * Does too much at times (vata)
 * [[Sleep]] is normally good within past 10 years overall (kapha)
 * [[Irritable]] and [[angry]] when [[imbalanced]] in the past few months ([[vata pushing pitta]])
 * Either [[anxious]] and/or [[melancholy]] when imbalanced secondly (vata / kapha)
 * Usually [[cold]] (vata)
 * Learns and forgets fast overall (vata)
 * [[Bowel movement]] once a week (vata)
 * [[Stool]] is regular with no traces on toilet bowel (no [[ama]])
 * Strong appetite and [[hypoglycemia]] when haven’t eaten ([[pitta]])
 * Eat at irregular hours (vata)
 * [[Sleep]] at irregular hours (vata)
 * No [[exercise]] (vata)
 * [[Red-tipped tongue]] (pitta)
 * [[Bone structure]] like kapha (kapha)
 * Eats lots of desserts (kapha)
 * Drinks little [[water]] (vata)
 * Regular and normal [[menstruation]] (kapha)

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * [[constipation]] ([[vata imbalance]]) 
 * [[acid reflux]] and [[acid belly]] (vata pushing pitta]]
 * [[white mucus]] in the morning and often needs to [[clear throat]] ([[kapha imbalance]])
 * Weak [[liver pulse]] that causes [[fatigue]] (vata imbalance)
 * Irregular [[spleen pulse]] (kapha imbalance)
 * [[Sighing]] often during consultation (kapha imbalance; [[grief]], [[sadness]] or [[lung]] problems)
 * [[diabetes]] runs in the family

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = Increased Vata, slight kapha increase


Herbal Formulas

__Nasya Oil:__

Purchase Nasya Oil, herbal nose drops, from Banyan Botanicals. Single drop on pinkie and stick it in each nostril. Take at bedtime, start of day, and in between meals – especially when scattered and confused (maximum four times a day between meals). Then, do alternate nose breathing with air finger pointed at third eye for five minutes. (helps with mind, and relaxed focused awareness; reduces anxiety, depression, and irritability and help lungs)


Purchase ½ pound of triphala from Banyan Botanicals. Take one teaspoon of triphala in hot water on an empty stomach one hour before bed. If don’t like taste, add herb to boiling water, cover, and let it set for 24 hours. Then, drink the water; not the herb at the bottom. (reduces constipation).


Purchase ½ pound of Avipattikar from Banyan Botanicals. Add ½ teaspoon to customized herbal formula or you can take ½ - 1 teaspoon two or three times a day in water or chi spice mix (reduces pitta imbalances of gas, acid belly, acid reflux, and constipation).

__Customized Herbal Formula:__

Take ½ teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula with ½ teaspoon of Avipattikar three times a day 30 minutes before mealtime for eight weeks, let it steep a few minutes (reduces all imbalances):

 * 5 [[parts]] [[Saraswati]] herbal formula (improves [[mental focus]], [[anxiety]], and [[digestion]]; sooths vata and kapha and increases pitta)
 * 2 parts [[Bala]] (increases physical energy; sooths all [[doshas]])
 * 2 parts [[Shatavari]] (improves constipation; sooths vata and pitta)
 * 2 parts [[Licorice Root Powder]] (harmonizes flavors of formula; reduces constipation, [[depression]], and [[sugar cravings]])
 * 3 parts [[Brahmi]] (sooths pitta; reduces [[hypoglycemia]], [[irritability]], and [[anger]]; helps prevent [[diabetes]]; helps control [[blood sugar]] and [[sugar cravings]])
 * 4 parts [[Chitrak]] (improves [[metabolism]] and [[bowel movements]]; sooths vata and kapha)
 * 1 part [[Lavan Bhaskar]] herbal formula (helps [[digestion]]; sooths vata and kapha) 
 * 1 part [[sucanat]] (sooths vata, makes herbal formula taste good)

Dietary Changes

Implement 25% of the recommended dietary changes every six months (reduces shock to body)

 * Increase water intake from one [[cup]] a day to 10 – 12 cups a day when vata high and 8-10 cups a days when balanced (reduces constipation) 
 * Reduce intake of [[orange juice]] and [[coffee]] (reduce acid reflux)
 * Don’t drink coffee (reduces [[dryness]] and constipation)
 * Eat at regular hours (reduce vata imbalance)
 * Eat variety of [[fruit]] and eat between meals (reduce vata imbalance)
 * Use [[raw uncooked honey]] (avoid allergy to sugar)
 * Substitute fruit for [[desserts]] (prevent diabetes)
 * Eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate (prevent diabetes)
 * Follow [[vata reducing diet]]. Download **Vata Diet** article from [[|]] (reduce vata imbalance)

Other Recommendations

 * Follow regular lifestyle (reduce vata and vata pushing pitta)
 * Stay active every day (avoid diabetes that runs in family and help irregular spleen pulse)
 * Follow [[five pillars of good health]] (reduce vata imbalances)
 * Do [[yoga]] poses for Vata as shown on Banyan Botanicals website for five minutes
 * Download and follow **Constipation Colon Health** , **Balancing Vata **, and **ayurvedic daily routine** articles from [[|]]
 * Return for follow-up in two months

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