**Health Consultation**

Audio recording:

Patient’s Prakruti

prakruti = V3P1K2

 * Born February 11, 1945 at 1:00 am in Guatemala (raining windy season)
 * 5 feet 1 inch and 120 lbs; thin at 10 years old
 * 2 bowel movements a day, solid (had constipation before)
 * fear / lonely and then irritable when out of balance
 * Red tongue
 * [[Menstruation]] started a12 years old, irregular, painful (no kids)
 * Learn fast and forget
 * Irritable, bloated, and dizzy if miss meal
 * Solid [[bone structure]]
 * Crooked teeth
 * [[Vata-kapha]] [[pulse]]
 * Laughs often and pearly white teeth
 * Kapha tongue

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * Runny nose
 * [[Bad breath]], eats spicy food
 * Poor sleep, gets up once a night to urinate
 * Mind wonders, worries
 * High blood pressure
 * Some cracks on tongue due to dryness
 * [[Receding gums]]

Currently taking Chinese herbs to strengthen kidney and insomnia

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = 3.5 vata slightly elevated,


 * Eat less spicy food
 * Scrap tongue with [[tongue scraper]] 7 – 14 times a day
 * Start herbal formula once finish taking Chinese herbs
 * Drink more water and drink warm water when first wake-up
 * Massage [[sesame oil]] on your gums and hold in your mouth for three minutes daily  
 * Chew white sesame seeds to strengthen the gums
 * Don’t eat yogurt in the evening and add cumin seeds due to high blood pressure
 * Do [[alternate nostril breathing]] five minutes twice a days
 * do [[meditation]] and [[mantras]] to help with fear and loneliness

herbal formula:

[[Jatamansi]] (helps anxiety, fear, loneliness)

//Note: recording stopped before end of consultation//

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