File name: CLN301_V3P1K2_V3_0911-PTSD-Dizziness-PND-Anxiety-Insomnia-Dysmenorrhea-Migraines-Nightsweats-11132008-Followup-20090105

__Main Health Concern:__

•Follow-up (previous concerns: Dizziness, Night sweats, Post nasal drips (PND), Anxiety, Headaches, Possible Multiple Sclerosis, Dysmenorrhea, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Insomnia, prone to Bladder Infections-UTI (pain and blood) when sexually active and was hospitalized for Kidney infection, used to have Anemia, Dry skin, Sensitivity to heat and cold, Nightmares, Fibroids and Cysts)

•Wants to get rid of residuals from being exposed to toxic substances from 9/11

•Recent chest cold


•Still has mucous after eating

•Still has post Nasal Drip

•The herbs and practices improved her menstruation, dizziness, circulation, migraine, insomnia, depression so wants to continue to work on improving them

•Swollen lymph nodes (armpits)

•Hypertension (in her case it is Vata pushing Pitta)

•High Cholesterol

Constitution (Prakruti / Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is: V3P1K2

Current State (Vikruti): V3

Birth Date-Time-Place: 6/14/65 San Francisco (cold and foggy=Kapha) 5:05am (Vata turning into Kapha)

Height: 5’3” Weight: 123lbs

Bone Structure: Vata

As a Child of 10 years old: thin

Blood Type: AB= (65% of the time Kapha-Vata)

Ethnicity: Japanese

Religion: Jodo Shinshu Buddhist

Profession: currently not working

Energy Level Overall: improved

Sleep: Insomnia has improved significantly

Primary Emotions: anxiety

Secondary Emotions: sadness but feels like the deep seated heaviness/depression has been lifted

Memory: Less foggy and confused

BP: 180/100 (hypertension… now on medication) Cholesterol: 200 (borderline)

Bowel Movement: 1-2 a day… previously had occasional constipation

Agni (Digestion): metabolism has improved (nail diagnosis)

Mucous? Yes, due to current chest cold…still has mucous after eating

Color of Mucous? clear now but was cloudy and white and previous to that it was green

Nails: previously had white nails that showed Vata and Kapha out of balance… now nail is not too white and the moons are visible where previously she didn’t have them… shows metabolism has improved

Headaches: Migraines are gone… only had a little headache with the cold she caught

Menstral Difficulties: still a little cramping but the “grumpiness” is gone

Mind affect body or other way around?…want to work on body or mind? Wants to work on both body and mind

Generally more hot or cold? more hot

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

//__Previous formula:____

__ 7 Ashwagandha (soothe Vata, Pitta, Kapha especially Vata… to calm Vata in the body and mind), 4 Dashamula (for urinary tract, kidneys, bladder and lungs), 3 Bala (soothes Vata, Pitta but doesn’t disturb Kapha…for strength & energy), 5 Shatavari (soothes Vata, Pitta but doesn’t disturb Kapha.. for painful menstruation, to re-myelinate and to help with the mucosal lining & Kapha lubricating parts of the body) 3 Guggulu (soothes Vata, Kapha but doesn’t disturb Pitta, for cysts, growths and fibroids), 2 Guduchi (with Guggulu, it is an anti-inflammatory and helps the liver, helps with cysts, helps depression), 1 Musta (for digestion and lungs), 1 Talisadi (chai spice for lungs), 1 Avipattikar (helps with constipation), 4 Anantamula (for Urinary Tract Infection… makes root beer taste sweet), and 4 Yasthimadhu (licorice…helps with memory and harmonizes the formula) 5 Brahmi (for depression, soothes all the Doshas… for Vata anxiety and grief…helps liver) 3 Chitrak (soothes Vata, Kapha but increases Pitta… best for Vata digestion)//

__New Formula:__

7 Talisadi (soothes Vata and Kapha but provokes Pitta… for current chest cold),

3 Mahasudarshan (for liver, lungs, migraines… disturbs Vata soothes Pitta & Kapha… for current chest cold),

5 Kanchanar Guggulu (soothes Vata, Pitta and Kapha… for current chest cold),

3 Ashoka (disturbs Vata soothes Pitta and Kapha… for current chest cold, dysmenorrhea and painful menstruation),

2 Manjishtha (for blood and skin… soothes Pitta, Kapha but disturbs Vata),

4 Arjuna & 4 Dan Shen (for blood pressure),

2 Chandana (white sandalwood…to harmonize the formula… it is also in Dan Shen ),

3 Tulsi (soothes Vata, Pitta and Kapha…helps with depression and anxiety…cleanses the lymphatics, dispels ama and sweetens the formula), 5 Bacopa (for depression… soothes Vata and Kapha but doesn’t disturb Pitta),

3 Vacha (soothes Vata but provokes Pitta… helps with white mucous in the lungs and with depression), 2 Chitrak (for digestion)

(New Formula is Kapha dispelling and Vata soothing)


Directions: 1 teaspoon 3x times per day taken with honey 30-40 minutes after the meal to help the lungs


Standard Triphala: 2 Parts of Haritaki, 5 Parts of Amalaki, 3 Parts of Bibhitaki

1 teaspoon ~1 hour before bed (empty stomach)

__Herbal Oils (Massage, Nasya):__ Still using Vata Soothing Massage Oil and Nasya

__Other Recommendations:__

•Have the cyst and fibroids checked because herbs and dietary changes can reduce their size

•Pancha Karma will be good for cleansing the body from 9/11 toxicity & will help with congestion

•Switch to Kapha Diet because it is wet and rainy… In general if she stays in the Bay Area, she needs to follow Kapha Diet in the months of January, February and March and follow Vata Diet in the Autumn and the rest of the months.

•Exercise will help with lower cholesterol and blood pressure… Need a little more active exercise than yoga and walking…high impact will disturb Vata so need to engage in more circular exercise…try Aikido… meditation can help too.

•When there is trouble with meditation, do more nature things (walks, be in nature), mantras and exercises and consider that as meditation… Do the 7pt plan in the morning and eventually increase 7a (Shamatha) and 7b (Vipashina) by 5 minutes each (sensation in nostril than sensation in the whole body


•Great success story… the herbs and practices really worked for her and reduced her symptoms. Client is very impressed with the changes and feels her depression is lifted

•Still on birth control pills for menstrual difficulties and now is on Blood Pressure medication

•Changed the herbs in the New Formula for the following reasons: Manjishtha is added to purify blood, clear the skin and to get rid of excess Kapha in the blood, Kanchanar Guggulu is added for the lymphatic system (swollen armpits) as well as Fibroids and cysts, Shatavari is taken out and replaced with Ashoka (for fibroids and uterine concerns) which normally will increase Vata but will be OK in conjunction with the other herbs used in the formula, Mahasudarshan is added which is more bitter than Talisadi to l help headaches previously addressed by Musta, Chitrak and Guduchi, Arjuna (will disturb Vata) and Dan Shen (is tri-doshic) is added to address the heart and Blood Pressure, Bacopa is used instead of Brahmi for depression and grief and because its Virya is warmer and lastly, Licorice is taken out because over time it will increase blood pressure.

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