Main Health Concerns

• Running on adrenalin

• Chronic Fatigue

• Anorexia

• Weak kidneys – lower back pain, poor urination, a hard feeling around her bladder, edema

• Oedema in lower legs and arms.

• Burning in heart and throat

• Headaches – back of the head & neck, vata style

• Lungs – hard to breath

• Used to have heart palpitations but not so much now

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P2 K1

Current State/ Vikruti: V 3.5

Birth Date: 10/4/78 6:45pm Place: Boston - Height: 5’10” Weight: 105lb (very vata)

10 year old girl: Skinny

Blood Type: A (80% of time is vata)

Energy: Very low

Emotions: Anxiety

Secondary emotions: Combination between irritable and a sense of “comatose” state (which is more vata)

Her description of self: Fear, running on adrenalin, starving

Sleep: Must go to sleep at 9pm, wakes up at 2am – easily disturbed

Temperature: Cold usually but feels warmer since recently eating more Vata foods.

Memory: Poor, hard for her to speak a lot, learns fast and forgets

BP: Very low, some dizziness

Cholesterol: A bit high but triglycerides are low

Bowel movements: 1/day, very smelly and sinks, no constipation, hard below belly button

Urination: Has to pee a lot but only little bits. She has weak kidneys with circles under her eyes, and lower back pain.

Water intake: Drinks 5 cups of water

Skin: Not dry, lots of moles, yellow toned with browny greeny patches

Pain: Headaches in the back of head which is vata region for headaches, lower spine pain, neck and shoulders

Menstruation: Started at 14 years, has now ceased (dysmenorrhoea)

Fingernails: Moons on thumb and a little on index finger

Pulse: It is a phone consultation but Michael says that there is a 95% chance that her kidney and liver pulse would be weak.

Diet: She was on a raw food diet for 8 months, but is now having more Vata balancing foods which she is enjoying and feels benefit from. She has been vegetarian for 10 years and now craves (and has) chicken and fish.

Mucous: has some mucous in throat due to lack of heat


Vata diet, avoid ice, avoid ice-cream

Drink 7-8 cups/day

Continue eating at regular hours

Daily Routine handout, especially nasya with Super Nasya Oil which will help with neck and shoulder pain, nervous system, headaches.

Before meditation (in any form) chant the seed syllable mantra slowly for its grounding quality. Do this ideally 108 times but at minimum of 5 minutes.

[[She dan doe Bo dah lah]]

Apply 2 ounces of Mahanarayan oil with Sesame oil (in equal amounts) to the body everyday for 2 months.

On fungus and patchy areas of skin just put straight Neem oil, daily – separately from the above oil.

Take B12 supplementation

Only eat dairy products warm

**Custom Herbal Formula**

This formula is especially made up of kidney herbs to build Ojas and secondarily liver herbs. However it is primarily structured to stabalise vata in the mind.

6pts Ashwagandha – pain and high vata in the back of the head, leading vata balancing herb

4pts Punarnava – strengthens the kidneys and bladder, liver

3 pts Shilajit powder – Strengthens Ojas and the kidneys & liver. Shilajit oozes out of the Himalayas when it is hot but when it becomes cold it becomes brittle.

2pts Gokshuradi guggulu – ojas, bladder, nervous system and bone system, k

5 pts Avipattikar – don’t want to overheat her with herbs because there is some elevated Pitta, hence Avipattikar will balance out the other more heating herbs. It helps with gas, burning behind sternum & throat, improves digestion.

3 pts Chitrak – digestion to increase agni, liver

2pts Pippali – helps with lungs and digestion, won’t increase pitta

7pts Licorice – harmonise formula and the mind, increase BP,

6pts Brahmi – Bacopa Monniera – because it is more warming version of brahmi, for the mind 3pts Musta – for bladder/ urination and digestion, lower back pain, also helps liver

Take ½ tsp of herbs in 1tsp of Arjuna Arishta/ herbal wine stirred in some ½ cup of hot OR, for better assimilation for this high vata person, boil the herbs and wine together 5-10 minutes (boil in 1 cup of water down to half a cup decoction). Take 3 times a day, 15 minutes before food.

Note: Boiling herbs is good for people with weak digestion because it helps draw out the chemical constituents of the herbs and acts like a pre-digestion.

Herbals wines pre-digested and fermented slightly creates a type of alcohol; 3% alcohol. Arjuna is good for strengthening the heart and the lungs but is drying so therefore she should have it in this form as an arishta to balance vata. Arjuna arishta has some other herbs there to help digestion.

Triphala - 1tsp at bedtime

**Further notes**

About Raw Food Diets

Only person who should be doing this is a hot, fire and angry pitta person with acid and ulcers for example. Any Vata disturbance will be aggravated by raw foods. It is an extreme diet and should only be done temporarily and only for pitta people. Humans have been eating cooked food for a very long time.

Enzymes – yes, raw foods do contain enzymes but are only useful when one can actually digest the food. Heat is needed for digestion much more than raw enzymes. A little bit of raw foods are OK but only if they are vata foods and not in vata seasons.

About herbs

Herbs only work for a couple of months if the person is not changing lifestyle and following elements of daily routine.




Moles in skin:


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