**Main Health Concerns**

• Weight loss

• Suspected Candida albicans

• Cold feet but not hands

• Mild hand tremors

• History of anaemia, but not anymore

• Migraines, on the whole right side which shows a more vata style migraine. She has been seeing a Chiropractor and feels like she is 90% better.

• History of bouts with vertigo

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P2 K1

Current State/ Vikruti: V3.5

DOB: 24 December, 1946 Birth time: 6:40pm, Birth Place: Oakland, US = Vata

Height: 5’5” Weight: 109lb

Ten year old: Skinny

Blood Type: O+

Temperature: More cold especially since weight loss

Energy: Usually high, focused energy. The last few months she has been lower energy.

Sleep: Good and easy to get out of bed. Goes to bed at 10pm, reads and sleeps around 11pm. Wakes around 7-8 am. She gets 9 hours of sleep and feels like she needs it (this is more Vata).

She furrows brow which is a pitta quality.

Primary Emotions when imbalanced: Anxiety

Secondary emotions: sadness

Memory: Learns slowly and remembers

BP and Cholesterol: Good. Vatas tend to not have high BP and cholesterol.

Tongue: Pointy shows some Pitta, red tip, coating at the back of the tongue shows ama but not too bad, ridges/ teeth marks

Fav. flavour: Sweet then salty: she has been craving these of the last few years.

Bowel movements: 1 per day generally but skips a day once a fortnight. Sinking stool = ama. Occasionally leaves traces on the toilet bowl.

Water intake: 60-80 ounces/day

Ama: Sinking stool

Menstruation: Ceased menstruation very early at the age of 40 which shows high vata. Regular time, regular length of periods

Menarche: 12 years

Pain: Lower back from trauma/ accident.

Agni: Fingernail diagnosis shows lacking moon on index and middle finger = malabsorption, digestion/absorption/ elimination is off.

Sweat: Does not sweat easily

Diet: She has been eating a lot of rice cakes lately, avoids wheat. Dry mouth/ cotton mouth.

Pulse: Dual doshic disturbance

Ojas: A bit out of balance.

Note on Candida: Weak agni with ama which is due to Vata disturbance (in most cases). Read Ama handout and Agni handout. Also read balancing Ojas.


Self massage with warm Vata massage oil from applying 1 ounce per day. Do this before daily bath.

Put Neem Oil on itchy, red patch on leg

Follow Vata diet merged with typical anti-candida diet

**Custom Herbal formula** For Candida, digestion, headaches and Vata

10pts Vidanga – soothes Vata & Kapha, “Kills worms, sperms and germs”, vermicidal, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial

2pts Hingvastak – spicy, soothes Vata

2pts Bibhitaki – for Kapha, cleansing

2pts Haritaki – for Vata, cleansing

2pts Guduchi – anti cancer particularly in the blood

2 pts Neem – anti-fungal, OK in this small amount

2pts Kutaja - liver

5pts Pippali – improve digestion

4pts Cardamom

4pts Fennel – sweet taste to balance out other tastes

2pts Vaca – good speech, memory, anxiety, sadness

2pts Bhringaraj – memory,

2pts Cinnamon – helps headaches and digestion

3pts Musta – pain, migraines Take 1 tsp 3 x day steeped in hot water for 3-4 minutes 30 minutes before food to bring to the colon.

Triphala – 1 tsp at bed time on an empty stomach

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