**Main Health Concerns**

• Receding Gums

• Fungus

• History of kidney infection

• Poor memory

• Fungal infection on toe

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P2 K1

Current State/ Vikruti: V3.5

DOB: 28th September 1960 - Birth time: 6:40pm - Birth Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia Autumn: wind, dry

Height: 164cm Weight: 54kg

Ten year old: Medium build

Energy: Variable to steady

Sleep: Good and easy to get out of bed

Primary Emotions: Depression, deals with this by painting = vata

Secondary emotions: Irritable if she doesn’t get to paint

Memory: Variable, learns fast and remembers but only things she is interested in

Blood Pressure: Fine

Cholesterol: Look at ear lobes for lines, but hers is fine

Bowel movement: Once a day, shaped like a banana, sinks but does not need to flush the toilet bowel twice (kapha style stool

Digestion: No gas and very rarely gets heart burn. Eats at irregular hours, sometimes skips meals.

Agni: Vishma agni – irregular appetite. White spots on fingernails show calcium, magnesium and zinc deficiency. Moons on thumb, index and middle finger show overall good digestion.

Tongue: The beginning of “chicken feet” cracks shows there is some chronic dehydration. She drinks only 2 cups of water a day at the moment. Teeth marks around the edge show malabsorption.

Menstruation: Menarche started at 13 or 14 years. Her periods are regular, easy with normal flow. She has one child and was easy to fall pregnant. This shows a more positive kapha.

Pain: No

Pulse: Vata/Pitta, fairly equal but a little more Vata, overall healthy pulse

Bone Structure: Pitta - moderate


To improve digestion eat only when hungry but only at //regular// hours. If someone with variable appetite (vishama agni) skips a meal because they are not hungry then they should wait until the regular time of the next meal to eat and not before, even if they get hungry before. Irregular eating will disturb vata.

Take a calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement.

Drink more water. Have two cups of warm water first thing in the morning. Need to drink up to 2L a day.

Read handout on Gunas and the mind

Tea tree oil mixed with neem oil applied to fungal infection on toe twice a day. NB. This is difficult to treat.

Download Daily Routine Handout

For receding gums swish mouth with Neem oil for 1-2 min and either swallow or spit it out. Then massage the gums. It is a good thing to do before going to sleep so the neem oil absorbs throughout the night. It removes toxins and inflammation, it is also anti-viral. Also chew 1 tsp of sesame seeds for a long time before breakfast. They are a good source of calcium.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

5pts Dashamula – soothes Vata

3pts Brahmi - //Centella Asiatica// - memory, mental clarity

3 pts Chitrak //Plumbago zeylanica// - digestion

1pts Neem //Azadirachta indica// – fungus, liver

1pts Manjishta // Rubia Cordifolia// – fungal infections, gums and weak liver

½ tsp with 4-8oz of hot water


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