**Main Health Concerns**

• Cysts/Myoma (benign tumors) – over back of head and neck (K)

• Eczema, dry skin

• Smoker and drinks coffee

• Irregular heart beat

• Insomnia

• Cold hands and feet but this has improved over the last few years

• Stiff neck

• Tinnitis

• Dizziness

• Gas, bloating

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P2 K1

Current State/ Vikruti: V 3.5 K1.5

Birth Date: Oct 3rd, 1971 Place: Pennsylvania; Autumn (V) Height: 5’5” Weight: 124lb (P)

10 year old weight: Thin, medium

Energy level: Steadily low,

Used to have bursts of energy (v)

Mind: High strung (v)

Memory: Sharp usually but affected by stress

Heart: Diagonal line on ear shows a tendency to heart disease

Primary Emotions: Anxiety with trembling shows high Vata

Secondary emotions: Irritable (p) and hopeless depression (v)

Water intake/day: Irregular intake, sometimes goes for days without water

Bowel Movement: Diarrhoea, over 5 movements/ day

Sweat: Sweats easily but not pungent; night sweats = yin deficiency heat related to not drinking enough water


Menstruation: Regular, stable, no pain

Pulse: Slightly weak liver pulse, weak kidney pulse

Headache: Base of the skull is a Vata headache, neck and shoulder

Face: Spleen line on forehead – Kapha in spleen pulse (she can’t tolerate having too many sweets)

**Recommendations ** Number One recommendation! Increase water – 12 cups of water/ day (2L). Drink 3 cups of warm water first thing in the morning to cleanse the kidneys.

Daily self massage using Bhringaraj Oil to balance Vata (to stabalise). This can be diluted with either sunflower oil or sesame oil (the latter is better).

Super Nasya Oil: for back pain, mental clarity, lungs and to detoxify sinuses. Do pranayama in the inverted postion for 5 minutes. Otherwise it will go down the throat and be uncomfortable.

Just before lying down to sleep put warm Bhringaraj oil at full strength in the ears and massage ear. Perforated ear drum is the only contraindication (swimming leaves the person unable to hear for a week)

Daily Routine Handout

Exercise: Grounding exercise such as yoga, tai chi, swimming, belly dancing

Remove the causes such as smoking and coffee.

Michael Reid recommends acupuncture to give up smoking, also mentions smoking roll-your-owns and decrease tobacco mixed with herbs. ‘Ear seed’ acupuncture is most important – massage the seed for a few minutes when a cigarette craving hits.

Get into nature to relax as much as possible

Aromatherapy oil on chakras and fold of the lip using any essential oil she chooses.

Sleep on left hand side to promote digestion **

For insomnia specifically:**

Avoid late night meals, 3-4 hours before bed (do not go to bed with food in the belly such as a snack)

Rub warm oil on soles of the feet and rub a little on the crown chakra before bed using Banyan Botanicals Bhringaraj Oil.

Get to bed by 10pm, rejuvenate the liver during Pitta time ** Custom Herbal Formula**

5 pts Ashwagandha - lungs

4pts Dashamula – soothes Vata in digestion such as gas, bloating, lungs and colon

4pts Guduchi – for weak liver and good for energy

3pts Avipattikar – gas, bloating, Vata digestion

3pts Sitopaladi – lungs, tastes like chai spice

4pts Liquorice – lungs (a contraindication for liquorice is high blood pressure but that does not apply here)

2pts Gokshura – kidneys, lower back pain

3pts Musta – lower back pain, kidneys, bladder and digestion

3pts Brahmi – mind, memory, focus

3pts Chirtak – digestion

1 tsp, 3 x day for 6 weeks in a cup of hot water

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