**Main Health Concerns**

• Loss of mother 4 years ago to Gallbladder cancer*



Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P2 K1

Current State/ Vikruti: V3.5 P2.5

Birth Date: Aug 4th, 1981 Place: Berkley (summer) Height: 5’7” Weight: 103.5lb (v)

10 year old: Long and thin (v)

Energy level: Variable

Mind: Coming out of deep depression (vata type), also has rage, anger, suicidal

Primary emotions: Irritable goes to anger and then anger goes to rage and rage goes to violence

Secondary emotions: Feels victimised, bullied (v)

Sleep: Deprivation in the last few years due to baby

Memory: Good, so sharp it drives people crazy, learns fast and remembers (p). She looks up when answering question which shows some vata

** Further interesting points that came up during consultation**

  • Liver and gallbladder both Pitta in Ayurveda

Giving birth: Vata’s tear, have more difficulty

Recollection when answering a question – Vata’s look up (into the air), Pittas look directly at you and Kaphas look down (into the earth)

**3 poisons/afflictions Klesha of the mind**

1. Desire //Raga Klesha// – those which are not needs – increases anxiety and fear (v). The flip side becomes renunciation and detachment – trusting life, equanimity

2. Anger //Devsha// or //Rage Kroda// (p). The flip side is patience (kshanti).

3. Ignorance //Moha// – denial of cause and effect, incorrect view given the proof, attachment (k). Universal compassion.

**The 5 Skandha/ Aggregates/ Attributes & the Doshas**

1. Form – a body V, P, K

2. Sensations – neither negative nor positive V, P, K type sensations V: Dry, light, rough, hard, hyperactive/ mobile P: Hot, sharp, intense K: Heavy, dull

3. Thoughts in relation to the sensation – cognition and recognition (memory)

4. Actions – tendencies, impulses, ideas, opinions – habit energy

5. Consciousness, discernment – spirituality

** Seven Point plan recommendations**

1. Put oil on everyday – ½ sunflower, ½ sesame oil. Neem oil on eczema. 2. Have a bath 3. Aromatherapy to the chakras - lavendar is very good, even better mixed with vetiver 4. 5 minutes of exercise (not apart of 30 minutes daily exercise), as pre-meditation program 5. Pranayama with nasya oil (Banyan Botanticals one for her as it is more for the mind) for 5 mins. Snorting in herbal oil to the nervous system via the blood (fastest way to get something into the system other than injection) = immediate action 6. Chanting – seed syllables have no meaning but vary in affect. She has a Pitta mind so she can chant at a medium pace. “She dan doe Bo da la” - more Vata pacifying chants 7. Observe the breath in one nostril (they change every 90 mins), notice the breath and focus on it – breath meditation

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