**Main Health Concerns**

Ulcerative Colitis, IBS

• Low kidney energy – Vata in kidneys

• Lower back pain

• Mucous

• Craves sweet

• Hypersensitive to noise (V) and bright light (P)

• Drinks coffee and smokes marijuana (gave up in the last few days)

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P2 K1

Current State/ Vikruti: V 3.5 K2.5

Birth Date: Jan 7th, 1977 (K) Place: Illinois Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 140lb

Blood type: 0 (pitta)

Energy level: Low

Sleep: Works nights and sleeps from 2am to 10am, which increases Vata. Not sleeping between 12am and 2am increases Pitta and harms the liver.

Primary emotions: Irritability

Secondary emotions: Anxious

Mind: Focused, thought out response, relaxed intensity

Bowel movements: 1/day (in this case it is more vata)

Skin: Dry

Pulse: High Pitta, intense and sharp

Bone Structure: Big bone structure shows more Kapha, which is in his family Note on Ulcerative colitis – any ulcers anywhere in the body is pitta. Also, any ‘itis’ situation means inflammation which is pitta. Almost all cases of IBS is Vata pushing Pitta i.e. irregular sleep habits, irregular eating, staying up late = burn out. Irritable = pitta.

When Kapha is decreased in the kidneys vata is increased which is catabolic.


Sleep is number one item to pull into line. Meditation is the second most important item to focus on.

Bitter and sweet tastes are good for IBS.

Download Balancing Vata sheet

Sweat everyday with Vata balancing, low impact exercise.

Use turmeric in cooking. Follow Vata-Pitta diet

Avoid sour taste: vinegar, citrus,

Avoid fruit with anything else while IBS is there, especially fruit with dairy (fructose and lactose).

If he does have juice only have pomegranate juice because it is astringent and so calming to pitta. Dilute it with water.

Morning Routine

• Oil the body with warm Vata massage oil, everyday: from

• His digestion can’t handle much oil due to the IBS so he must put it on his skin.

• Aromatherapy on chakra points

Light incense for 25 minutes

• Light exercise in the morning such as yoga, stretching for 5 mins to awaken the body

Pranayama – alternate nostril breathing - with nasya oil from Banyan Botanicals which is more general for Vata/Pitta. Do this for 5 mins.

Chanting of seed syllables that are beyond meaning for 5 min – “She dan doe bo da la”

• Meditation – focus on breath for 5 mins

• Choose ONE attribute of Vata or Pitta to contemplate – contemplative wisdom – to see the cause.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

5pts Shatavari – for pitta and vata

6 pts Bala – soothes Vata and also for IBS

5 pts Licorice – IBS, irritability, anxiety

1pt Frankincense – rebuilds the intestinal lining when used with shatavari, licorice & bala; soothes vata & kapha

3pts Vidari – soothes pitta and vata in muscle colon, also puts muscle mass on the body

2pts Anantamula/ Sariva – helps for anger and irritability

2pts Bhringaraj – anxiety and strengthens the liver 1 pt Gokshura – soothes Vata in the kidney and also the liver

A little bit of Guduchi, Manjistha and Kutki – for pitta in the blood and liver

1 pt Chandana – pitta in the mind and GIT

Take 1 level tsp 3 x day for 2 months, taken with raw aloe vera gel (Lily of the Desert is a good brand).

Separately order Avipattikar and enjoy it in between meals to help digestion – ½ tsp, 2 x per day.

At bedtime take 1tsp of 1 pt Bilva: 1 pt Amalaki

This will bind the stool and is cooling and soothing to IBS.

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