**Main Health Concerns**


• High Vata in the mind – raw nerves, anxiety

• Shaky voice vata

• Dry skin tendency

• History of chronic eye infections

• Stiff neck • Burning in sinuses

• Lack of appetite


• Brief history of past few years: Started drinking regular amounts of red wine, up to 2/3 bottle each night (she never used to drink red wine, is vegetarian etc.) and got eye infections. She went on raw juice fast for 7 days to cleanse, and got constipated. She gave herself an enema and burnt out her rectum with haemorrhaging (did not seek medical help) – lost 50% of vision. Severe depression. She went into nutritional rehab for a few months which helped restore her.

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P2 K1

Current State/ Vikruti: V3.5 P2.5

Birth Date: 9th June, 1952 - summer 7:20pm Place: Warm place Height: 5’3” Weight: 120lb (p)

Blood Type: B+ (normally Kapha, 80%)

Energy: Chronic Vata fatigue

Pain: In heart area, right arm and some burning pain

Primary Emotions: High anxiety

Tongue: Teeth marks show malabsorption, not much coating because she scrapes tongue 4 times throughout the day. Michael recommends ONLY scraping in the morning because otherwise she will disturb Vata. She usually has a thick coating on tongue which denotes Ama. 

Bowel Movements: 2-3 in the morning because she is taking a lot of oil. Otherwise it is dry and one. One is a good amount.

Agni: Gets irritable and anxious if she has to wait ½ and hour. Eat 4 meals a day (5 max).

Pulse: Surprisingly her pulse does not show her organs to be overly weak.

Bone Structure: Kapha type wrist


Morning Routine

1. Self massage with Vata oil from Banyan Botanicals. Use 2 ounces per day because her Vata is so high. Apply oil during the Vata times of the day (whenever she is most vata disturbed). Do not dilute the oil – she needs full strength at the moment.

2. Take a bath or shower (a bath is more soothing). Don’t use soap as it removes the oil.

3. Aromatherapy oils on chakras points/ neural plexus

** 25 minute routine**

4. Exercise: Yoga, Tai Chi for 5 mins

5. Pranayama for 5 mins with Nasya. Use 1 drop of nasya in each nostril

Also use 3-5 drops, 2 x day, morning and night. 

Use Nasya oil from Banyan Botanicals for Memory, mind and anxiety

6. Mantra for healing: She dan doe boe dah la

7. Meditation: Breathe awareness

Contemplate the attributes of Vata with the Balancing Vata handout (but only if she feels up to it)

Follow Vata Diet, eating what is in season and in accordance.

Pour warm Vata soothing oil in the ears at night. NB. A perforated ear drum is a contra-indication to ear drops so check first if they have a perforated ear drum by asking if they can go swimming without having their ears blocked by the water.

Put castor oil in the eyes for her dry eyes (vata & pitta). When castor oil is applied externally to the body it is very cooling and soothing. Do this every second day. Also put rose water eye drops in her eyes.

Other exercise: Sweat every day. Go into a steam room preferably (saunas are more drying).

//“Stay Busy, Don’t Hurry, Don’t worry…. Trust life”//


Cut back on excess coconut oil because it is cold (coldness increases anxiety). Use Sunflower (neutral) or sesame oil (warming).

Don’t eat a meal every 2 hours, even in small quantities – leave 4 hours in between in meals as this will aid digestion.

Avoid dry, cold, rough, hard foods and drinks – raw foods, cold drinks, crackers, toast, granola etc.

**Further points**

Raw food is totally wrong for vata types they are dry and cold. Raw foodies say that the live enzymes are nourishing the cells – and this is true but the key point is that the body needs **heat** to use them. When the enzymes get cold they go into hibernation – they require heat to be activated. Forget about enzymes until the digestive fire has enough heat. An example is the lack of chronic fatigue in Chinese, Indian and French societies because they all cook their foods and each little raw food.

Note on Acupuncture: It is very subtle form of treatment and so therefore not so good in this case as her vata is already high (a quality of vata is subtle). It is more balancing for her to have warm, oil massage.

Drinking excess water will dilute enzymes.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

5 pts Ashwagandha – best to decrease Vata

3pts Avipattikar – V/P digestion, constipation

2pts Guduchi – focus and calm the mind, anti-inflammatory

3 pts Musta – pain, digestion, warms the body slightly without overheating

2 pts Brahmi //Centella Asiatica// - anxiety, memory and focus

3pts Shankhapushpi -

½ tsp (increase 1tsp after a week if there are no side effects) taken with a tsp of honey, and 4-8oz of hot water before a meal.

Another mantra for healing: Hu Lu Hu Lu She li x 5 before drinking herbs.

Triphala - 1tsp at bedtime

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