**Health Consultation**

Follow-up consultation to prepare for panchakarma

Audio recording:

Patient’s Prakruti

prakruti = V3P2K1

 * Born January 31, 1950 in Illinois at 4:00 am ([[kapha]] season, kapha time) 
 * 6 feet 2 inches and 165 lbs
 * A+ [[blood type]] (vata 80% of the time)
 * Learns slowly
 * Cold hands, cold feet
 * [[vata]] bone structure
 * [[pitta]] pulse

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * Preparing for [[panchakarma]]
 * Currently taking [[ghee]] to improve constipation and loosen toxins before panchakarma
 * Currently taking herbs given at last consultation
 * Ringing in the ears
 * Low energy lately, depressed some days
 * Diagonal crease on both ears (kapha in the heart)
 * Gets up to urinate 2 -3 times a night
 * Eating at irregular times but working on improving it
 * [[Ama]] and some cracks on tongue
 * Has reoccurring skin cancer
 * Adult acne and skin bleeds after washing face
 * Arthritis in thumbs - sharp precise pain that improves with hot bath
 * Lots of mucus and clearing throat
 * Vata pushing pitta in the liver
 * Passes a lot of gas
 * History of hemorrhoids

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = all doshas out of balance (V3.5 P2.5 K1.5)


 * Do [[purvakarma]] before [[panchakarma]], including eating mono diet, taking triphala and ghee, and massage
 * Do [[panchakarma]] for excess kapha, including [[basti]] ([[herbal enema]]), donating blood, and supervised vomiting by drinking lots of licorice tea, then salt water, then calamus root (if wanted). Avoid [[rejuvenative herbs]] at this time.

After panchakarma, do the following:

 * Massage [[bhringraj oil]] on feet, crown chakra, and rub in ear (improve ringing in the ear)
 * Increase water intake to 8 – 10 cups a day
 * Do [[abhyanga]] with [[neem oil]], including areas with cancer, daily for 6 – 12 months
 * Rub [[maharaja oil]] on thumbs to help with arthritis
 * Do physical activity every day and eat biggest meal at lunch to reduce kapha in the heart

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