**Main Health Concerns**

• Hair loss

• Headaches

• Insomnia, sleeps late into the morning

• Stress leading to anxious

• Weight loss

• Fatigue, low energy

• Cracks on feet

Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup): V3 P2 K1

Current State/ Vikruti: V4

Birth Date: Jan 10th, 1981 Place: South India, mild winter, windy (Vata) Height: 5’1” Weight: 94lb (Vata); wishes to gain some weight

10 year old girl: Medium weight/ thin (healthy Vata)

Lifestyle: Lives in the desert, she loves the heat but prefers hot and humid to hot and dry

Bowel Movements: Fairly regular, 1 per day

Headaches: All over head; mobile NB. All headaches are Vata but manifest in either Vata, Kapha or Pitta way.

Back of the head = Vata

Behind the eyeball or in orbits or temple = Pitta, liver headache

Coffee intake: recently stopped

Energy: Low, fatigue

Water intake: 2 cups/ day; insufficient

Hair loss: Shows high Vata

Sleep: “All over the place”, insomnia, sleeping in.

Discussion on the 5 pillars of health or the “five energies’ of life: Sleep, Food, Exercise, Sex, Meditation

Primary emotions: Anxiety, horizontal lines on forehead show worry

Secondary emotions: Depression, sadness (Kapha type)

Menstruation: Irregular, sometimes painful Menarche: 10 years, Pitta starting age

Agni: Fingernails show moon on thumb but not index or middle which means digestion is a little disturbed. There are no white spots.

Tongue diagnosis: Line down the middle of the tongue show spinal stress, pink, no teeth marks, no coating

Ama: no coating on tongue, poo does not leave traces

Pulse: Vata primary, Pitta secondary. Weak kidney and liver pulse (explains fatigue).

Psychic episode: 4 years ago she had a ‘frightening’ experience related to death and sent her into a bit of a panic. She prayed and said she was not ready and she stopped having dreams. She reconnected by going to a monastery. Michael says she is more susceptible to this because she is so Vata.


Drink more water (warm-nicely hot) everyday – 10-12 cups/ 2L

Follow Vata soothing diet. Avoid cauliflower and potatoes – most Vata increasing vegetables. When eating meat be mindful and compassionate of it and pray to return the favour in another life.

__Morning bathroom routine__

Self massage with oil everyday to balance the quality of movement and also insulate herself from psychic influences. Use Vata massage oil from Banyan Botanicals:

Take a bath, oil will get repelled by the warm water deeper into the body.

Aromatherapy on chakras: Lavender is good, she uses this already for her headaches. Sandalwood and rose is also good for instant mind stabilising.

__25 minutes morning routine using incense stick as a timer.__

Yoga for 5 minutes • Pranayama: Alternate nostril for 5 minutes • Chanting using sounds (seed syllables) that have are neutral to calm and focus the mind for 5 minutes: She-dan-doe-boe-da-la • Meditate on breath for 5 minutes, observe around the nostril • Meditate/ contemplate on qualities of Vata everyday – dry, cold, light, rough etc. using the Balancing Vata handout. Contemplate one quality per day to turn this knowledge to contemplative wisdom. One can use this wisdom to remove the causes….

// “An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure”//

Exercise daily until heat is generated: Yoga, Tai Chi, circular and graceful, dancing like ballet or belly dancing being in touch with the ground, low impact (elliptical machines), maintain good, comfortable posture. For spinal stress yoga is a must.

Avoiding jogging, jumping, trampolining type of exercise

__For insomnia specifically__

Before bed apply warm oil to feet for five minutes (this will also help with cracked feet) and head (small amount). Also put ear drops in, ‘form fitting ear plugs’, for insomnia and tinnitus, massage around ears. Insomnia will decrease greatly within 30 days.

25% change every 3 months so as not to ‘jetlag’ the body and to make the changes real and compatible

**Custom Herbal Formula**

1 pt Ashwagandha - Vata, mind

1pt DashamulaVata calming,

Take ½ -1 tsp*, 3 x a day, with 1 tsp of raw, unheated honey and 1 tsp of ghee (must be equal measures). This takes the herb to Mamsa dhatu. Take it 30 minutes before a meal.

  • Because she is underweight she can take ½ tsp for the first 30 days. If there are no side effects then she can up it to ¾ tsp for a few weeks, eventually taking it up to 1 tsp.

PLUS take Triphala, (no dosage mentioned)

__Handouts to download__

• Balancing Vata

• Vata diet

• Daily Routine

• Meditation Guideline

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