* **Patient:**  Female
 * **DOB:**  26th September (V,P)
 * **POB:**  Bahrain (V,P)
 * **TOB:**  04:52 (V)
 * **Height:**  5' 2"
 * **Weight:**  120 lbs (P,K)
 * **As 10 yr old:**  Meduim (P)
 * [[Blood Type:]]  O+ (P,K)
 * **Main Emotion:**  Intense (P)
 * **Energy Level:**  Poor (V)
 * **Sleep:**  Deep, good (K), hard to get up (K out of balance), needs to have at least 9-10 hrs sleep, but recently can sleep up to 12 hours (K out of balance).
 * **Emotions:** (1) Irritable, perfectionist, angry (P),  (2) Depressed (life is worthless kind of depression) (V)
 * **Memory:**  Learn fast, Remember (P)
 * [[Blood Pressure:]] normal but usually low, dizzy (V)
 * [[Cholesterol]]: normal
 * [[Bowel Movement:]]  Chronic constipation since birth, once or twice a week (V).
 * **Agni:**  [[Vishama]], eats at irregular times (V),[[ hypoglycemic]] (P), [[Manda]] no nail moons, was overweight, Diabetes in family (K)
 * **Mucus:**  None
 * **Nails:**  No moons on thumb, index, middle fingers (slow metabolism)
 * **Ama (tongue exam):** White coating on the tongue [[Kapha]] ([[ama]]), ama level 2.  Line in center indicating [[Vata]] along the spine, the patient needs to watch posture, also indicates chronic Vata disturbance. 
 * **Pulse:**  Strong rebounding [[Pitta]] pulse, weak Kidney pulse.
 * **Urination at night**:  No
 * **Headaches**:  mainly at the temples and around eyes (P)
 * **Menstruation:**  12 yrs old (V), Irregularly irregular when was overweight (V), [[Dysmenorrhea]] (V), P.M.S (P), heavy flow (P), hot flashes (P), white discharge ([[Leucorrhea]]) (K)
 * **Others:**  Do not sweat easily (V), cannot sleep without noise (V), involuntary astral projection (V), dry asthma (V), small frame (V), was overweight (150 lbs) and lost all that weight, mild acne (P), works late into the night (P)
 * **Health Concerns**:  Had an appendectomy few months back (P), ultra-sound showed gall-stones (P pushing K), recurring boil and bleeding abscesses when was overweight (P), slow metabolism (K)\\ \\ 


 * When the patient was overweight her menstruation was really painful and irregular.  This shows [[Vata]] pushing [[Kapha]], indicating that when Vata became aggravated it caused weight gain in tandem with irregular painful menstruation.  The weight gain is a result of [[Vishama]] [[agni]].  This is true especially because the area where she accumulated fat was mainly around the hips and lower abdomen.
 * The patient experiences less pain now with menstruation, however she experiences some sharp pain a week before menstruation (during [[ovulation]]).
 * Also when the patient was overweight, she suffered from recurring underarm abscesses boils.  These abscesses usually bled and secreted yellow pus (P).  This is because she sleeps at the wrong hours and not sleeping between 10 pm – 2 am, or at least between 12 am – 2 am.  These hours are the liver rejuvenating hours, and sleeping late after these hours can disrupt the function of the liver, which is mainly to purify the blood, and thus cause skin conditions of an inflammatory nature.  This may also be the cause for the gallstones.
 * She had the first attack of [[appendicitis]] at 4am, a [[Vata]] time, thus showing Vata pushing [[Pitta]].  Her [[Vishama]] [[Agni]] and chronic constipation may have led to appendicitis. 
 * Gall stones show Pitta pushing [[Kapha]].
 * The patient has a weak kidney pulse and experiences some lower back pain.\\ \\
 * **__Five Pillars of Good Health:__**
     * **Sleep:**  must sleep between 12-2 am, even better between 10pm-2am (liver rejuvenating time).  It is good to sleep early and rise early.  Staying up late at night can cause abscesses.  Wake up at 6 am to dispel [[Kapha]].
     * **Diet:** Follow [[Vata]] soothing diet mainly, and V/P diet during summer.
     * **Exercise:**  7x a week, V soothing exercises, such as yoga and swimming.
     * **Meditation:**  necessary to cure the asthma and pacify V.  Repeat mantras to stay focused and for protection from astral entities, astral attacks and unwanted astral protection.  
     * **Sexuality/Brahmacharya**\\ \\


 * 5 pts [[Dashamula]], best digestive herb for V agni/[[Vishama]] agni.  Also makes the menstruation regular and less painful.
 * 4 pts [[Chitrak]] ([[Plumbago zeylanica]]), V-P+K-, best herb for V-K digestion, helps with weight reduction, best herb for [[manda]] [[agni]] or [[hypothyroidism]].  Also good for the liver, spleen and uterus.
 * 5 pts [[Gokshura]] ([[Tribulus terrestris]]), V-P-K=, best herb for kidneys and bladder.
 * 3 pts [[Ashwagandha]] ([[Withania somnifera]]), V-P-K-, best herb for V prakruti, good for the liver.
 * 4 pts [[Shatavari]] ([[Asparagus racemosus]]), V-P-K=, best herb for P prakruti and P women, also good for constipation and the uterus.
 * 3 pts [[Musta]] ([[Cyperus rotundus]]), V+P-K-, for the reproductive organ, digestion, kidneys, cramping.
 * 2 pts [[Ashoka]] ([[Saraca indica]]), reproductive herb for P women, PMS, [[Leucorrhea]], white discharge.  This will also act as a vehicle ([[anupan]]) to target the reproductive organs.
 * 2/3 pts [[Shankhapushpi]] ([[Convolvulus alsinoides]]) for anger or [[Brahmi]] ([[Centella asiatica]]) for P irritability.  Both are good for anger, mental fatigue, liver.
 * 3 pts [[Yasthimadhu]] ([[Glycyrrhiza glabra]]), V-P-K=, for the lungs (dry asthma), liver, spleen, reproductive organs, constipation.\\ \\


//To be taken one week prior to menstruation and during menstruation.//

 * Increase the dosage of Shatavari to 5 pts
 * Increase the dosage of Ashoka to 4 pts (for the hot flashes and PMS).
 * Increase the dosage of Musta to 4 pts (especially if there is cramping because it helps with cramping).
 * Remove Chitrak (because it is heating).
 * Remove Ashwagandha (because it is heating).\\ \\
//Take 1 tsp of the above formula 3 times/day in a cup of hot water with 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel. To be taken before meals (to target the colon.)//


 * [[Avipattikar]] when P is high or [[Hingvastak]] to aid digestion, improve metabolism, and treat [[Vishama]] [[agni]].  Hingvastak is also good for menstruation.
 * [[Shilajit]] ([[Asphaltum]]).  Himalayan mineral good for the [[Leucorrhea]], cysts, kidney, bladder. 
 * [[Triphala]] to flush out the system, detox the body, and as a laxative to treat the constipation.\\ \\


 - Drink 3 cups of warm water upon waking up (to flush out the [[ambu vaha srota]] and [[mutra vaha srota]]).
 - 1 hour later take 1 tsp of [[Triphala]] in a cup of hot water.  Eat breakfast an hour later.
 - 1/2 tsp [[Avipattikar]] or [[Hingvastak]] 30 mins before meals to aid digestion.
 - 1/4 tsp – 1/2 tsp [[Shilajit]] between meals.  E.g.  If breakfast is at 8am, and lunch at 12pm and dinner at 6pm, it may then be taken at 10am and 3pm.
 - Take 1 tsp of [[Triphala]] before bedtime on an empty stomach.

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