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File name: CLN301_V3P3K1_High_Vata_HRB108_Cons_09012003.wma

Main Health Concern

Rash itching – developed on breast


racing heartbeat


ribs and gallbladder pain

Prakruti: Vata 3 P 2 K 1

Vikruti: 3.5

[[Sleep]]: wakes b/w 2 -3a with panic…Vata 

•swollen lymph gland

DOB: 8.24.49 POB: Indiana, Columbus Time: 5a Vata time…Place of Vata

Sleep: wakes at 4a often ..Vata

Height: 5’4 Weight: 110Ibs

As 10 year old: Vata thin

Primary Emotions: anxiety (Vata)

Moons: Missing on all fingers – poor digestion

Bowel Movement: once a day… sometimes constipation

Gassy and bloating feelings

Appetite: Tikshna…if doesn’t eat

Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam: Tongue has been exposed to parasites…tongue has patches on it… Tongue has heart depression….Vata anxiety trauma in heart area. Tongue also squared off…Vata style. Variable digestive fire, Agni – Vishama

Pulse: Vata and Pitta indicated. Able to make pulse disappear – Vata.

Pain: chest, gallbladder and rib

Menstrual Difficulties: irregular menstruation… Vata

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

Vata soothing formula:

10 Guduchi – energy and liver

10 Jatamansi

8 Bringaraj - good sleep, energy and soothes liver, soothes Vata

8 Kaishor guggulu – liver gallbladder pain and strengthens joints. Sooth rash as well.

6 Brahmi – memory and liver

1 Trickatu – Indian long pepper

½ Bumi amalaki – liver rejuvenative

Directions:1/4 to ½ teaspoon 3x times per day with 4 - 8oz of hot water after food. Patient may be sensitive to herbs so will need to take formula in moderations.

Triphala: cleansing, rejuvenating,

1 tsp 1hour prior to sleep – due to poor reaction in the past – do not take Triphala yet. Build up to this..

Other Recommendations:

•Daily herbal oil massage

•passion flower, bringaraj, tulsi help rejuvenate and aid in sleep disorder

•Don’t use bitter herbs. Use sweet, sour and salty herbs. Even for the liver, the best herb is Guduchi, also episteme bar and chronic fatigue.

•Vidanga and Guduchi, neem oil apply directly to rash or bringaraj is better. Neem is bitter.

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