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Main Health Concern


Constitution (Prakruti / Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is: V3P2K1

Current State (Vikruti): V3

Birth Date-Time-Place: January 4, 1984 10:33am San Francisco (Kapha (winter) place and time –pitta vata season)

Age: 24

Height: 5’7” Weight: 130lbs (Pitta-Mesomorph)

As a Child of 10 years old: muscular (Pitta)

Profession: Teacher - math, Spanish (Pitta)

Energy Level Overall: mellow (Kapha) high energy (Pitta) over stimulated, bouncing leg (Vata) Focused (Pitta)

Sleep: sleep is great (Kapha) growing up was difficult rising (Kapha)

Primary Emotions: anxiety, nervousness, horizontal worry lines (Vata)

Secondary Emotions: irritable (Pitta)

Memory: Excellent memory, learn fast and remembers (Pitta)

Blood type: negative (Kapha 80%)

Blood pressure is normal/ on the lower end… no faint or dizziness

Cholesterol: normal

Bowel Movement: 3 a day… (Pitta) under

Floats (healthy)?Comes out loose (Pitta) no marks (no ama)

Agni (Digestion): Irritable when food is delayed – (Pitta)

Regular eating habits (Pitta) Meals must be smaller in order to feel energized (Vata) after eating larger meals, feelings of

fatigue (Vata)

Nails: Moon visible only on thumb (receded) missing on finger nails sluggish digestion, irregular metabolism (Vata)

Ama (Toxins and undigested qualities of food) from Tongue Exam: Tongue slight coating (Kapha) early traces of dryness

with cracks – stay hydrated (Vata) pink in color

Pulse: Kapha bone structure Delayed kidney pulse and lines under eye balls (Vata) Cold dry wrists (Vata) lung pulse of smoker

(Kapha and Vata)…Obesity run in family…yes lung problems in family

Eyes: dry eyes (Vata)… eyes twitch when stressed (Vata)… bit of lines under eye (weak kidneys)

Ringing in ears: (Vata)

Pain: shoulder/neck tension (Vata)

Water intake: 10 cups daily

Onset of Menstruation: 12 (Pitta)

Menstrual Difficulties: regular menstruation…painful menstruation (Vata)

Discharges: History of yeast infections (Pitta, sometimes mixed with Kapha)…Discharge is white (kapha mix)

Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:

Majority of concerns are related toward Vata so formulas are aimed toward helping the kidney, liver and lungs.

6 Ashwagandha (for calm body and mind…soothes Vata and Kapha but doesn’t disturb Pitta)

2 Guduchi (helps strengthen liver, tridoshic),

4 sitopaladi – Indian chai spice aimed at lungs… soothes dridoshic, especially beneficial with dryness and inflammation of lungs

3 ashoka – yeast infections and painful menstruation soothes

2 shatavari

4Yasthimadhu – harmonizes formula and gives sweet taste, keeps one calm

3Brahmi (for depression and anxiety) focusing qualities

4 Avipattikar (for gas and multiple

Mixture is consumed: 1tsp 3 xs/day 20mins before meals with aloe vera gel steeped in 4 – 8oz hot water

Triphala – ½ tsp at bedtime (not to exceed dosage as patient already has loose stool)

Other Recommendations:

Purchase Vacha – smoker’s herb

•Follow Vata Pitta soothing diet. Focus on soothing vata in autumn - Oct through March- winter or when it’s windy, wet and

cold. Follow Pitta/Vata in warmer climate

•5 pillars of good health are sleep, food, exercise, meditation and sex. They should not be under or over expressed. Meditation

will better balance Kapha in relaxation.

•Continue practicing Vata soothing exercises i.e. yoga, swimming, etc

•Indulge in cardamom, cinnamon, and other various spices. Avoid red, green, cayenne, chili peppers as they are drying

•Frequently experiences cold hands and feet therefore needs to begin wearing socks


Reviewing the 5 pillars for good health: food, sleep, exercise (to the point of sweating daily), meditation and sex – focus

on meditating to relax and sooth Kapha. – remember in general, not to over or under indulge in any of these five.

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