Here is the link for the previous consultation:

**Followup Consultation **

**Birth Date-Time-Place:** January 4, 1984 10:33am San Francisco San Francisco (Kapha place & time, pitta/vata season) Age: 24

Height: 5’7” Weight: 130lbs (Pitta) As a 10 year old: Muscular (Pitta)

**Improvements since last consultation 2 months previous**

Menstrual pain decreased, digestion improved slightly. Dry skin has improved. Gas has improved a lot. However had a very ‘crazy’, stressful two months. Morning routine is helping with mild depression.

**Current Main Health Concerns**

• Smoker

Stress from family

Anxiety, some depression

PMS, wants to keep improving

• Wants to prepare body for pregnancy in the next few years.

**Sleep:** Good.

**Primary Emotions:** Anxiety, depression

**Regular eating:**. Low appetite

**Bowel movements:** 3-4/day but more solid and less loose due to Ashoka as it is very drying. Sometimes skips a bowel movement.

**Pulse:** Improved kidney pulse.

**Tongue:** Cracks on tongue show dehydration.


Drink more water to hydrate.

Vacha to help give up smoking, no more details.

Self massage with Vata massage oil from Banyan Botanicals every day before bathing.

Apply essential oil to the chakras. Any fragrance helps disturbed Vata.

**25 minutes morning routine with incense**

Light incense as a timer.

Yoga for 5 minutes

Pranayama for 5 minutes. Can use Banyan Botanicals nasya drops at the same time.

Recite vata balancing sound syllables for 5 minutes: “She dan doe bow da la”

Breath observation for 5 minutes.

Contemplative meditation: Contemplate one quality of Vata each day and how to balance this i.e. dryness can be balanced using oil.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

This is an updated spring formula. Herbs need to be replaced to have effects because after about 6 weeks the body starts getting used to the herbs.

6pts Vidari Wild Indian Yam – replaced Ashwagandha for calming the mind. It will also help regulate menstruation.

8pts Musta //Cyprus Rotundus// - great for painful menstruation and also gas, bloating.

3pts Yogaraj Guggulu – soothes Vata, PMS. Instead of Guduchi.

4pts Cardamom – instead of Sitopaladi to help the lungs.

4pts Augustia Haritaki -

2pts Shatavari //Asparagus Racemosus// – reproductive system.

4pts Dan Gway (spelling??) – instead of Ashoka

5pts Bhringaraj //Eclipta Alba// – liver, anxiety, depression. Replaces Brahmi from previous formula.

4pts Hingvastak – instead of Avipattikar to soothe Vata.

Continuing taking ½ tsp of Triphala at bed time.

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