Review #1


Main concerns:

 * Worry, anxiety [[Vata]] (general stress)
 * D.O.B. 10-09-59 [[Vata]] time of year 
 * Modesto, California [[Vata]] place
 * Stands 5’ 4” weighing 112 lbs. [[Vata]] proportion
 * Skinny at 10 [[Vata]]
 * Energy is high, intense, and focused [[Pitta]]
 * Sleeps good 6-7 hours but feels a need for more [[Vata]]
 * Easy to wake up at full speed [[Pitta]]
 * Primary emotion is worry [[Vata]]
 * Memory is good (learn fast remember)
 * Blood pressure is a little low
 * Has oily face [[Pitta]] and dry skin in general [[Vata]]
 * Drinks about 4-6 cups of water daily
 * Drinks decaf coffee with cream (sensitive to caffeine)
 * Bowel movements are 1-2 daily [[Pitta]] and well formed
 * Irregular eating times lately [[Vata]] disturbing
 * Striations on nails and missing moons show malabsorption, white spots indicate calcium, magnesium, and zinc deficiency
 * Tongue has light coating (mild [[Ama]]) with red dots towards the front showing [[Pitta]] indigestion, and a slight crack in the back (showing possible [[Vata]] back pain)
 * Menstruation started at 12 is regular [[Pitta]] with a normal-light flow [[Vata]]
 * Has 2 children
 * Has stress related mobile/generalized back pain [[Vata]]
 * Dry hair [[Vata]]
 * Eye tremors [[Vata]]
 * Bones are [[Pitta]]
 * Pulse is strong [[Pitta]] [[Vata]]


Short naps area good energy booster for Vata

Replace lotion with warm sesame oil, oleate with 1 ounce before bath

Avoid coffee (even decaf) and other bitter foods

Be sure to eat at regular times

Increase dairy maybe try sea vegetables for calcium, magnesium, and zinc

Engage in gentle exercise (walking and getting out in nature) yoga or Thai chi

Anoint chakras with 1 drop each of preferred calming essential oil

3-5 drops per nostril of super nasya oil performing nadi sodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) for 5 minutes upon waking and retiring may also do at midday if stressed

Bow, cobra, and locust are good postures for asana practice

Always enjoy well spiced (savory) food

Take following formula 30 minutes before meals ½ teaspoon 3 times daily or 1 teaspoon 2 times daily in 4-8 ounces of hot water

5 parts Bacopa for fear, anxiety and warming quality

5 parts Ashwagandha for digestion and anxiety

3 parts Shatavari to soothe hot flashes and general reproductive health

3 parts Musta for digestion and back pain

4 parts Dashamula for digestion, colon, and lungs

3 parts Yasti madhu (licorice) for lungs, digestion, and warming quality

Review #2

Audio recording:

**Patient’s Prakruti**

prakruti = V3P3K1

 * Born October 9, 1959 
 * 5 feet 4 inches and 112 lbs; skinny at 10 years old
 * Fast, focused energy
 * Sleeps well, 5-6 hours a night
 * [[anxiety]] when out of balance
 * Learn fast, remember well
 * 1 – 2 bowel movements a day, banana shaped
 * Good appetite, irregular eating times 
 * pitta [[bone structure]]
 * pitta-vata [[pulse]]
 * [[menstruation]] started a12 years old, regular, light
 * Pointed [[tongue]]
 * Mom, works, and attends school

**Patient’s Health Concerns**

 * worry, stress, not getting enough sleep, too busy, going full speed
 * [[striations on finger nails]] and few [[red dots on tongue]] (poor digestion) 
 * Missing some [[moon on finger nails]] (sluggish metabolism)
 * [[white spots on finger nails]] (calcium, zinc and/or magnesium deficiency)
 * Dry skin and hair
 * General back pain
 * [[Eye tremors]]
 * Poor circulation

**Patient’s Vikruti**

vikruti = vata out of balance


 * sleep 8 hours a night and take 30-minute nap mid-day
 * apply [[sesame oil]] on soles of feet, apply on skin before warm bath or shower for absorption; don’t wash off with soap
 * drink more; avoid dry, bitter food; follow vata-pitta diet, eat at regular times
 * take calcium supplements if don’t eat milk or cheese
 * scrap tongue daily
 * do [[aromatherapy]]; apply single drop of essential oil to crown, third eye, fold of the lip, throat, sternum, belly, and coccyx
 * Do yoga poses that open chest like cobra, locus, spinal twist, and bow 

Take 3 – 5 drops of super nasya oil or nasya oil in each nostril twice a day (morning and night). Apply with head upside down (if not goes down throat). Massage with pinkie finger, and then do five minutes of alternate nostril breathing. Take one drop during the day if needed.

Take 1/2 teaspoon three times a day or 1 teaspoon twice a day of the following customized herbal formula for six weeks. Take with 1 cup of hot water. Take 30 minutes before meal for herbs to reach colon.

 * 5 parts [[ashwaganda]] (sooths vata in body, anxiety)
 * 3 parts [[shatavari]] (sooths vata in body, keep off hot flashes)
 * 4 parts [[dashamula]] (sooths vata, helps lungs and panic attacks)
 * 3 parts [[licorice]] (sooths vata, eye tremors)
 * 5 parts [[bacopa]] (sooths vata, warming)
 * 3 parts [[musta]] (helps back pain)

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