**Main Health Concerns**

• Nervous system inflammation

• Sensitive to chemicals, smells, touch


• Dry, cracking joints

• Uterine cyst

• Stiff neck

• Loose stool

• Low appetite

**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V3 P3 K1

**Current State/ Vikruti:** V3.5 P3.5

**DOB:** June, 1977 **Birth time:** 2pm **Birth place:** Denmark

**Height:** 5’7” **Weight:** 116lb

**Ten year old:** Medium

**Blood Type**: Not sure

**Energy level:** “Sensitive, shaky and light”

**Sleep:** Has improved but is sleeping in the day after lunch for up to 3 hours. Goes to bed around 10-11pm and wakes up at 5:30-6pm.

**Primary Emotions:** Anxiety

**Memory:** Has fairly good memory.

**Bowel movements:** 3 to 4 per day, hot feeling

**Ama:** Coating on tongue in the morning that is white – yellow. She can flick it off easily which shows not too much ama in the system.

**Pulse:** Bone structure shows vata and pitta. Her pulse is more Vata despite also intense pitta pulse. The pulse spikes are mainly felt in the vata but also jump to pitta. There is vata and pitta in lungs and colon. In the heart there is Kapha – possibly depression. The Kidneys are Kapha disturbed (confirmed with frequent urination).

**Tongue:** She often has astringent (vata) and metallic (pitta) taste in mouth. Tongue is like dried up mud in the desert i.e. Vata disturbance. Yin (fluid) deficiency with heat i.e. Vata and pitta disturbance.

**Temperature:** Nerves and crown get hot, but body and feet feel cold.

**Urination:** Frequent urination; pulse shows kapha in the kidneys. She is sensitive to water on her kidney area. She drinks enough water.

**Menstruation:** Regular

**Improvements/ changes since last consultation **

She has not been following much of the daily routine stuff as she had been in India. She has been doing some self oil.

Bowel movements are improved in that she is not going at 2am, but they are still hot and loose.

Digestion – fast, malabsorption, not really hungry but needs to be grounded

Follows basically Vata diet

Generally feels a greater sense of balance.

She feels stronger in her muscles now.


Drink 1 cup of warm water first thing in the morning.

Apply oil to the body! This is most important for her especially looking at her tongue with all the vata cracks. Use Mahanarayan oil on the joints only. Then take a bath.

Aromatherapy right after bath/shower so that energy stays with her throughout the day. Options are: Sandalwood or Saffron

Use Super Nasya Oil to help for her stiff neck or Brahmi ghee nasya to cool her head/ upper nervous system down. Do pranayama like Sheeta li breathing.

Follow Vata-Pitta Diet. Pitta soothing, not Vata provoking.

Increase water intake a little.

Buy a chlorine filter for her shower. She is very sensitive to chlorine. Applying oil to her body before the bath/shower will provide some protection to chlorine.

Sleep on the right hand side to increase lunar energy.

Try a little bit of Psyllium Husk from time to time to reduce loose stool.

**Custom Herbal Formula**

5 pts Guduchi //Tinospora Cordifolia// – liver, high pitta

1pt Ashwagandha //Withania somnifera// – warm up the muscles, balances out the dryness of the Ashoka

3pts Shatavari //Asparagus racemosus// – to balance out the warmth of Ashwagandha, soothes pitta, balances out the dryness of the Ashoka

4pts Shankhapushpi //Evolvulus alsinoides// – helps liver and cool down a hot nervous system and head

2pts Amalaki //Emblica officinalis// – cool down nervous system and crown, loose, hot stool

2 pts Bilva //Aegle marmelos// – helps control loose stool, slow down the peristalsis so she can get nourished by her food

3pts Brahmi //Centella asiatica// - mind body balance, cool mind and liver

3pts Anantamula //Hemidesmus indicus// – instead of licorice (she does not like), reduce heat in the lower gut, balances out the dryness of the Ashoka, cools digestive system

3 pts Gokshuradi Guggulu //Tribulus terrestris// - For frequent urination (kapha kidney energy), the Guggulu helps reduce cysts especially used in conjunction with the Ashoka for reproductive area problems.

4pts Ashoka //Saraca indicia// - helps with uterine cysts, it is drying but in small quantity it is OK for Vata.

Take 1 tsp 3 x day with 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera juice and 4-8 oz of pure hot water.

Also take a few tsp of aloe vera juice between meals. If there is diarrhoea she needs to back off on aloe vera. 

She was taking Triphala but this needs to be modified due to loose, hot bowel movements. Instead of Triphala:

8pts Amalaki – skin problems, heat, pitta in lower gut, prevents cysts and tumours in gut,

3pts Bilva - soothes pitta, helps control loose stool by binding it

Take half and hour before bed to send it to the site of Pitta.

**Further notes**

She practices meditation most days.

She is a dancer, does this once a week now which is much less than before.

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