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Main concerns:

Migraines behind eyes covering to the back of the head Vata pushing Pitta style most often accompany menstrual cycle

Systemic Candida causes fatigue and poor digestion

Alternately hot or cold in response to environment

Heavy pungent sweating

Moderate anxiety

D.O.B. 04-12-1978 Vata into Pitta time of year at 12:30 Pitta time of day in Philadelphia Pitta Place 115 lbs. 5’ 6” Vata/ Pitta proportion Thin at 10 years (Vata) Blood type is A (Vata primary 80% of the time) Blood pressure is a little low Memory is good (learn fast remember) Emotionally: primarily anxious vata secondly angry and irritable Pitta with occasional depression Kapha Bowel movements 2-3 times per day well formed occasionally loose Pitta Started menstrual cycle at 13 cycle has been delayed and irregular Vata with heavy flow (Pitta menorrhagia) Pitta bone structure Cold hands Vata Sleeps well rises easy Occasionally dizzy without eating Pitta hypoglycemia Heavy sweating Pitta alternately hot and cold Urination at night Eats a lot of nuts Strong Vata/ Pitta pulse Tongue is pink nails are good


Replace nuts with sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Switch from lemons to limes

Cut back on meat and fish down to 3 servings per week

Daily routine is a priority (be sure to eat at regular times)

Don’t hurry; don’t worry (stay busy but not too much)

Engage in gentle exercise and meditation daily

Anoint chakras with sandalwood oil 1 drop each

Use Shatavari ghee for nasya with nadi sodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing)

Take following formula ½ teaspoon 3 times daily at mealtime with ½ teaspoon Shatavari ghee and/or 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel ( both is better):

5 parts Shatavari for fatigue soothes Vata and Pitta

3 parts Ashoka for heavy menstrual flow soothes Pitta

3 parts Ashwagandha to soothe Vata

3 parts Sankhapuspi for digestion

3 parts Yasti madhu (licorice) for digestion, lungs

3 parts Guduchi for liver and nighttime urination

2 parts Gokshura to detoxify liver and repro health

1 part Shanka bhasma (conch shell) for liver

1 part gulwel sattwa (super fine ground high potency guduchi)

.5 parts Loha bhasma for iron

.25 parts Adrak bhasma (Micah) for immunity and lungs

3 parts Shardunika (gymnema sylvestre) for candida

Take a triphala or licorice/shardunika douche use a regular handkerchief soaked overnight in either tea to help with candida

Take custom triphala 1 teaspoon or ½ teaspoon if B.M.’s are loose ½ hour before bed:

6 parts Amalaki

2 parts Haritaki

1 part Bibhitaki

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